Wisdoms of Silkway

Kyrgyz nation is rich enough with people of great character and noble qualities. One of them, Kurmanjan Datka is familiar to you already. Today’s hero is a unique man with unusual knowledge and character – Tolubay Synchy.

The word “synchy” actually is translated as “critic”, so it is kind of a nickname, which is given to the man called Tolubay. He critisized the politics of the khan himself, because of which he would face not so little problems. However, everyone else knew that he  was straightforward only for the sake of his nation’s good.

Tolubay’s legendary ability was that he could choose the best horse among the rest, even if no one else could not believe in its potentials. This means that he was so good at knowledge og horses, that his keen eyes were strong enough to turn the cult into stallion!

Queen of Nomads

Have you ever heard of Pakakhontas? Exactly, she is that very beautiful princess of Indians, about whom they have taken so many movies, cartoons and written amazing books. We are not sure if she existed for real, but the hero, I will introduce you guys, lived and not that long ago…

Kurmanjan Datka was that amazing woman, who was the wife of the leader of Kyrgyz nomads. She was the biggest advisor of her husband, wise mother of his children and the one, who replaced him after the death of her husband.

Kurmanjan Datka went through a lot, which would be hard to accept to many others. For instance, she was brave enough to sacrifice her own son, in order not to lose the independence of her nation from the enemies…

CBT in Africa

Now THIS is amazing! Here is the group of people, who made a pretty brave decision of traveling all the way to Africa. They did a great job on taking a tour to the unique society of Africa.

It is obvious how successful it turned out. They truly enjoyed their experience far across the land, trying their traditional food and cheerful games. It is amazing looking at the smiles of those people, despite the absence of luxury we do have…


CBT and nomads

Nomads seem to be really far from the community in many places. It seems as if they live far away on the mountains and valleys, without having any connection with the country’s political and social life.

How wrong those opinions are in fact… The people who have such thoughts may not understand that they actually the ones who keep the traditions of certain nation purely and become the reason of its continuence to the next generations.

The place nomads take in tourism is also the beautiful example of their role in social and even international life of the country. For example, in Kyrgyzstan, horseback riding, camping or falconry tours can be organized only with the help of nomads, because they are the only ones who are masters in above said activities.

Nomadic Cuisine #2

I wonder if you remember the video I shared with you a while ago. It was about the nomadic cuisine. If you liked it, then the video that I am going to share today will make even more impression than the previous one.

It introduces you more into the traditions of meeting guests in nomadic, particularly in Kyrgyz nation. Make sure you are not that hungry before you watch this, because it may tickle your appettite really bad!!!

Traveling in Nomads Land

The places that seem to be impossible to reach are already discovered by people in our times. For instance, the mountains and glaciers of Kyrgyzstan are now usually visited by tourists and local friends.

Here in this video, you can see how they are now enjoying the trips on untouched nature in the country. The glacier here is called Inylchek and you just have to SEE it in order to FEEL the joy and beauty of traveling in the lands of nomads.


Weddings Now

The ancient weddings described last time and the ones which are taking place nowadays have a huge difference between, starting from the rituals, clothes and other details. In one word, they do not really differ from the western weddings that much. Here is why:

It is very fashionable now in Kyrgyzstan to spend weddings in nice restaurants, just like in Europe. The way the groom comes in Limo and takes her to the restaurant also sounds pretty alike western culture.

Another simple but not less important similarity is the way the bride and groom are dressed: bride in white gown and groom in tuxedo.

However, there are some differences as well, such as the payment from groom to the girl or her family, which is decided by them. In return, the bride’s family also give the best they can, such as home furniture or technology, including kitchen furniture, washing machine, etc.

Ancient Weddings

It really intrigues a person, what happens after the girl is kidnapped, doesn’t it? Ancient Kyrgyz people were pretty modest in these ceremonies. There is not that much to discuss, but it is worth sharing anyways. So here is how it goes:

After the girl is brought to the young man’s house after kidnapping, she is asked to think about the marriage with him. The elders of the house do their best to convince her. In most cases, the girl can do nothing but agree, because they believed that disagreeing with elders and going back after being kidnapped only brings bad luck and misery in future.

So, after the positive answer, they call moldo – the religious preacher to announce them as “official newlyweds” and the families start the wedding “party”. They call close relatives and friends to give young couple blessings. The new bride remains in the special decorated room for about three days and only after that she starts performing household duties.

Fierce “Proposal”

Just like national games, some of other Kyrgyz traditions are also really fierce and even frightening to some people. This tradition is connected with founding a new family. Sounds weird, right? Usually everything connected with wedding is so gracious and beautiful, but not this one…

Not only in Kyrgyz nation, but also in other Caucasian countries they have the tradition of kidnapping the future bride. If the young man likes someone, he or even his family organize this kidnapping. He usually does it with his friends. They wait for the perfect moment and just take the girl home. There she will be convinced to get married by the elders of the family. In most cases, she does agree, since it is considered unlucky to reject an elder’s pleadings…

Nowadays, this tradition is banned by law, since there were many tragic results afterwards.

Kyrgyz “polo”

This post today will be devoted to the most breathtaking and fierce game from the history of Kyrgyz nation! This is the game of real men, for whom fear is absolute strange. This is the very activity that gives its gamers and the audience the adrenaline rush every single minute! What I am trying to describe now is the national game – Ulak Tartysh! In order to learn more about horse games, click here.

Literal meaning of the game is “grabbing the goat”. The game is almost similar with western horse game – polo. The only difference is that instead of a ball, they use a headless goat… It sounds really very weird, so it definitely is the sport, which can only be played by brave guys. So, the rules are just like in polo, as I mentioned: there are two teams and the players have to do their best in order to get the poor headless goat to the opposite team’s door. The goat is pretty heavy and the players have to spend their strength to both carrying it and controlling the horses.

It is not recommended for emotional hearts to watch the game, since it sometimes gets so fierce and bloody. However, the feeling audience gets watching dynamic players is something precious!