Nomads of China

You will now be surprised at the fact that there are Kyrgyz nomads not only in the territory of a modern Kyrgyzstan, but also somewhere far away in China!

In the province of Xin Jiang there are various members of different ethnicities, including Uyghurs, Dungans and Kyrgyz people. Some of them live the standart modern life and some, like Kyrgyz nomads, live a bit far from civilization.

What a coincidence it can be that there is a lake called Karakul, which is the same name with the city in Issyk Kul province of Kyrgyzstan! That lake is the very place where Kyrgyz nomads are now living.

Every year, a lot of tours are organized to those regions and the ones who would like to stay there can as well experience nomadic lifestyle for some days.

Get the Tours Started

Just like the uploaders of a following  video said, I am also very proud to be sharing this beautiful video, which demonstrates the real Land of Nomads. Pierre-Armand Dussex recorded the most precious moments of his visit to these valleys last summer and did his best in putting all those impressions into a four-minute-video.

It gave me chills to find out that the tourist was able to find so much beauty in the places where so many of us have lived or just visited, but were not able to look closely… I would like you also to go ahead and enjoy those moments, gain inspiration from them and let the adventures for upcoming summer started!

Just Dance

After some musical breaks, let me share one of another cultural entertainments of Kyrgyz people. That is traditional Kyrgyz dance. The nation has variety of them, including the girls’, boys’ dance or both together. Thi time you will be enjoying the third type, called “Kara Jorgo”.

This dance is very ancient and the words are about a wonderful treasure and friend of Kyrgyz nation – the Black Horse. It is so famous even nowadays that none of cultural events go without this dance!

Another Komuz

It turns out that the Komuz, about which we talked last time is not the only kind Kyrgyz nation has. There is something else, which is called “Ooz Komuz”, which can be understood as “Mouth Komuz”. So, as the name itself says, ooz komuz is played with the help of mouth!

The way Ooz Komuz looks is totally different from Komuz and the sound it makes also has nothing in common. Only the Kyrgyz people can tell the reason why they were called almost the same despite those facts. Below you can watch the master playing that tiny instrument, which actually turned out to be so enchanting!

Nomad Music


Despite the harsh conditions of life on the mountains and valleys, Kyrgyz nomads did not forget about entertainment, the development of arts together with their culture and traditions. One aspect of their unique arts that I will talk about today is music and one of their unique instrument – Komuz.

Komuz can remind you of Turkish lute or saz, with its long wooden shape and the strings along. Despite its pretty simple look, what the professional players of that instrument can make will definitely leave you in awes. Below is the video, in which one of Kyrgyz guys is playing komuz brilliantly. Watch and enjoy the performance!

Woven Fashion!

I ask your forgiveness for not warning you about not to hurry to think that Kyrgyz weaving is old and all about woven carpets. In fact, it is one of those cultures, that is being rebirthed by awesome patriots of the country – the talented designers.

Nowadays in any markets and shops, you can see their products, which actually stand out with their uniqueness, brightness and especially quality. What surprises even more is the variety of woven items! There is almost nothing you will not find there! Clothes, accessories, shoes and even toys! Take a look and enjoy!


Kyrgyz Weaving

Weaving is an important part of a nomad’s culture. It used to be one of the only ways of creating home necessities and for some ladies, it was a nice hobby.

They also used this art in order to define the most clever, creative and best nominee for the future wife of their sons. The prettier, the more accurate their weaving is, the more “clients” do they have.

Even nowadays, you can still find the Kyrgyz ladies, who kept this tradition dearly and cannot be deprived of it despite the huge variety of choice out there in the market. For them, none of those modern decors can replace their dear and handmade carpets!

Wisdoms of Silkway

Kyrgyz nation is rich enough with people of great character and noble qualities. One of them, Kurmanjan Datka is familiar to you already. Today’s hero is a unique man with unusual knowledge and character – Tolubay Synchy.

The word “synchy” actually is translated as “critic”, so it is kind of a nickname, which is given to the man called Tolubay. He critisized the politics of the khan himself, because of which he would face not so little problems. However, everyone else knew that he  was straightforward only for the sake of his nation’s good.

Tolubay’s legendary ability was that he could choose the best horse among the rest, even if no one else could not believe in its potentials. This means that he was so good at knowledge og horses, that his keen eyes were strong enough to turn the cult into stallion!

Queen of Nomads

Have you ever heard of Pakakhontas? Exactly, she is that very beautiful princess of Indians, about whom they have taken so many movies, cartoons and written amazing books. We are not sure if she existed for real, but the hero, I will introduce you guys, lived and not that long ago…

Kurmanjan Datka was that amazing woman, who was the wife of the leader of Kyrgyz nomads. She was the biggest advisor of her husband, wise mother of his children and the one, who replaced him after the death of her husband.

Kurmanjan Datka went through a lot, which would be hard to accept to many others. For instance, she was brave enough to sacrifice her own son, in order not to lose the independence of her nation from the enemies…

CBT in Africa

Now THIS is amazing! Here is the group of people, who made a pretty brave decision of traveling all the way to Africa. They did a great job on taking a tour to the unique society of Africa.

It is obvious how successful it turned out. They truly enjoyed their experience far across the land, trying their traditional food and cheerful games. It is amazing looking at the smiles of those people, despite the absence of luxury we do have…