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About Best Editing Services

You might think I woke up one morning and said: “I want to start an editing and proofreading company.” There is always a story, and we have our story, too. Before I founded Best Editing Services, I worked as a marketing content writer and editor for years. I had seen all the ugliness that all poor writing becomes if not handled right. I have met a legion of business owners and individuals who felt their content or document needed a little more refining.

The problem was they did not know to whom to entrust their editing and proofreading assignment. Mediocrity was alive and well out there.

I Never Set Out to Start a Business

I never saw myself as a business person. And no one I knew in my family had established and run their own business. Plus, there was something about being an entrepreneur I did not quite like. And that is selling. I had to tell people that I offered this or that service. That we were among the best editing services in the United States. That our prices were affordable. I hated all that. But, hey, someone needs to offer these services to the thousands who demand them.

But then, I Found a Good Partner

Partnerships Fail. Most of the time. But then Richie, my best friend, suggested we could work together and execute the ideas I had. I found myself saying “let’s do it!” It had nothing to do with escaping the 9–5 world.  Work never killed anyone, after all. So, we got down to work.  I wrote all the content, including the page you are reading now. And Richie, a coding genius, did the rest of the work. I say the rest of the work because I do not know what he did!

Turns Out We Were Right

Failure is a lot more frequent than success. Over the first couple of months, we focused our resources and energies on this little project. We were scared. But we persisted.  Until we got our first customer in the second month! You will never know how we felt when Brian Cook paid us through PayPal. The feedback he left meant more to us than the money we earned. It really motivated us.

Here is what Brian Cook said,

“I had dealt with other editing and proofreading services before. And I must say best editing services know their thing. I needed to have my doctoral dissertation edited, and I was running out of time. But then I found them online. They were a new company, and I didn’t know if I could trust them. But I was running out of time, and I knew they had all the time in the world. It turns out I was right! They sent me a high-quality dissertation within 24 hours with all the changes tracked. I would use their services again.”

We know we can help you polish up your personal documents, academic assignments, resumes, cover letters, sales letters, brochures, product descriptions, and other materials. We will refine your documents to a quality that gets you the positive responses you want.