Best Editing Services FAQ

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How Much Will I Pay for Your Services?

It depends. How much you pay for our services depends on various factors. These are the deadline you give us, the complexity of your order, and the number of pages (where applicable). The longer the period, the lower the amount payable to us. We charge by the page. You may want to check our price points.

Do You Always Deliver Work on time?

Yes. Emphatically yes. In all the years we have existed as a proofreading and editing service, we have never missed a deadline. Place your order and relax knowing you will have the completed order ready when you want it. Please check out our reviews. We have in place the right systems that go full throttle when you pay for your service. We guarantee that you will get your completed order on or before the agreed time.

What If I Don’t Like the Quality of the Work?

We can proudly say that approximately 98 percent of our clients approve orders the first time we submit them. Well, we get a client who needs a revision every once in a while. If after reviewing your completed order you feel it does not measure up to our promise or your expectation, request revision.

How Many Rounds of Revisions Am I Entitled to?

As many as will get your order to the level of quality that satisfies you fully. Typically, one round of revision is enough to refine your document to excellence. But you are free to request more rounds of changes if that is what it takes to please your professor.

Will I Pay for These Revisions?

No. Revision will always be free when it comes to using the writing, editing, or proofreading services of Best Editing Services Org. Never hesitate to request revision worrying that we might charge for it. Our authors never rest until they have delivered as per the instructions our valued customers have given.

Who Will Handle My Revision?

It depends. If the issues needing fixing are minor and easy to handle, the author or editor who worked on your order revises it. If the changes required are involved, we usually assign the revision to someone else.

Can I Introduce New Instructions with My Revision Request?

No. When it comes to editing your paper or any other document, we aim at polishing up your current order to excellence. Introducing new instructions usually necessitates further research and writing. In that instance, you will have to pay for the extra work required. Please check out our pricing points.

How Does Your Refund Policy Work

In some unfortunate situations, a customer might still reject the work we submitted even after revisions. If you ever feel that our work is way below your expectation, we promise to refund your payment in full. No questions asked.

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