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Copywriting is an industry worth more than 2 trillion dollars. It is like any other kind of writing in that it involves the writing of content. But it differs from other types of writing in several aspects. Effective copywriters can make a six-figure income every year because their craft helps their clients get the results they want. Whether you run a business, a charity, or a church, we help you create copy that convinces your target audience to take action.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing promotional material that supports businesses’ advertisement strategies. Our copywriters will write content for your billboards, brochures, advertisements, websites, emails, and catalogs. We focus on getting your readers or customers to take action. Whether you want them to sign-up, purchase your product or take some other action, we can help you succeed.

Good Copywriters are Good Salespeople

Someone somewhere said that nothing happens in the world of commerce until someone sells something. Companies, large and small, need to sell products and services. Nonprofits need to raise funds if they want to remain operational. Churches and other organizations need to attract new members. Good copywriters are highly talented individuals whose craft helps others sell products and services or achieve other specific objectives. Our copywriters want to help you take your business to the next level. Contact us now and learn how our results-oriented experts can help you win.

Copywriting is a Process Not an Event

Copywriting is an involved process that includes several activities. Anyone who starts writing copy without understanding how the fundamentals work will not find success. Successful copywriting stands on the firm foundation of perfect product knowledge. If you do not know what your product can do for others and how it can alleviate their problem, you will not sell. Frustration awaits you down the road. Our copywriters attentively examine your product or service and identify all the key features and benefits that make it great. They then proceed to use their writing skills to create copy that communicates your product’s unique personality.

Effective Copywriting is Effective Communication with Your Customers

If you are not communicating with your customers and keeping them engaged all the time, start now. If you do not take action now, your competitors will. And they will get all the revenue that would potentially have hit your bank account had you moved fast. We designed our copywriting service to help our clients stay connected on a deep emotional and psychological level with their customers.

You Need to Understand Who Your Customer is Before You Create Your Copy

You want to talk to your customers and connect with them, right? How will you achieve that if you do not know who they are? Copywriting is supposed to be communication directed to a specific group of consumers. Your job is to know what these consumers look like. Research. Gather every piece of information that can help you define your ideal customer. If you put in the work required, you should be able to develop a crystal clear idea of their needs, wants, and aspirations. Our copywriters write words used in everyday communication to show your ideal customer how your business can improve their lives.

How Will You Know What Your Customers Want?

You are yet to meet the majority of the customers whose purchases will take your business to the next growth phase. Most likely they will order your products online, so you will never meet them in person. That said, you want to have adequate information about their needs and wants. One of the most effective ways to collect high-quality data is conducting short surveys.

Google Forms and SurveyMonkey are some of the available online tools you can use. Surveys enable you to talk to a large number of consumers at the same time and to have their feedback at one place.

Carefully Analyze the Information from Your Customer Survey

Get to understand what questions most of the customers would want you to answer. Review the information to learn what customers like about your product. You will also know the words your customers use to describe your product to their friends and family. Additionally, you will know what makes them buy your product, what it helps them accomplish as well as their concerns. At this point, our highly experienced copywriters will write copy that communicates in your customer’s language. The text focuses on your product’s finest features and how such features help satisfy your customers’ needs and wants.

Snake Oil Salesmanship Doesn’t Cut it

Everyone out there says their product is the best or cheapest or whatever. But today’s customer has developed an internal protective mechanism that keeps them “safe” from snake oil salesmanship. You are a genuine business person with high-quality products to offer your customers, though. Your customers want to satisfy their needs and wants, and your job is to convince them your product works. And that is where we come in. Customers take words such as “the best” or “cheapest” with a pinch of salt. That is why our copywriters concentrate on providing factual information, helping you earn your customer’s trust and dollars.

Why Use Our Copywriting Services?

  • Our copywriters are experienced professionals who have written hundreds of compelling copy that achieves our clients’ revenue goals
  • We choose words that communicate effectively and directly to your customer’s heart and mind
  • We are a result-oriented company that never rests until our customers win
  • We refund 100 percent of your money if the quality of our copy doesn’t cut it
  • Our payment systems are safe and easy to use
  • Our platform has built-in security features that keep your information safe and completely inaccessible to third parties
  • Our prices are reasonable
  • Our copy improves your business’ visibility helping you grow your revenue

We are an affordable, customer-centered copywriting service that delivers results. Your online safety matters to us. And our money-back guarantee provides the peace-of-mind you need as you work with us. Contact us and let us help you persuade and sell.