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Completing your doctorate program is a milestone in your academic path. To earn maximum points, you are required to present a well-structured and coherent dissertation and defend it before an academic panel. While you might have compiled the best dissertation, you need to proofread and edit it so that it meets all academic requirements.

Editing and proofreading an academic document can be difficult, and you might not have the expertise or resources to do it. This is why you require our professional dissertation editing services.

We offer to attend to all the grammar, spelling, structural, and coherence mistakes in your dissertation at an affordable price.

What Ph.D. Coursework Entails

Your classes in the doctorate program are shorter, but the work is more challenging. Reading up to 200 pages of convoluted academic writing every week is quite normal. You need highly effective reading and comprehension skills to handle this critical task.

Completing your dissertation requires you to make use of your readings and the scholarly skills you have acquired. You must also master research methodology. Your professor can guide you on how to collect data for your project.

Writing a dissertation for your degree introduces to the following skills:

1. Becoming a Researcher

At this point, you are supposed to have become someone who can handle a research project successfully.

Aim to become an academic researcher who works with minimal support. Your professor expects you to carry out original research and build your dissertation on the foundation of your work.

2. Gathering Data and Explaining Methodology

Some doctoral programs allow you to develop your dissertation based on earlier research. However, most degrees require you to collect new data for your dissertation. Preparing to write a dissertation in the sciences necessitates designing and conducting experiments in the laboratory.

Degrees like anthropology may require you to be away from college for a prolonged period to gather data. Some like geography may not demand more than reviewing the material in the library.

No matter how you collect data, you should document your methodology and analyze the findings.

After collecting your data, our Ph.D.-level editors will edit your manuscript and refine it to the expected academic levels. Our editing prowess will help you produce a high quality and points deserving manuscript.

3. Data Analysis

Completing academic research involves data collection as well as its interpretation. Fortunately, you have learned the various data analysis methods researchers in your field use. You will have to figure out how your findings are of significance to the extensive body of knowledge that is your field of study.

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of all statistical methods and tools that increase the reliability of your results. We will assess the appropriateness of your chosen methods and edit your document where necessary.

Why You Need Our Dissertation Editors

After doing your research and arranging your information appropriately, you still need to ensure that your document is polished before submitting it for evaluation. Some of the issues you need to check on are punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and a natural flow of words.

However, you may not have the time or capacity to edit your document accordingly. We understand that as a Ph.D student, you have commitments in your professional and personal lives.

Here are some of the reasons you may need to hire our professional dissertation editing services:

1. A Busy Schedule

We acknowledge that your time is limited, and you may not have enough time to proofread your thesis. With professional and personal demands on your time, you are still expected to hand in a properly structured thesis.

Our professional editors are readily available to edit your document at a fair cost per page.

2. Need a Professional Touch to Your Document

Dissertations are a vital part of your PhD journey, and you want to ensure that you submit a high-quality document. As professional editors, we will check spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and word choice issues in your document.

We will only submit a well-edited document that will guarantee you positive feedback from your assessors. Each editor is committed to providing the best services for our clients.

3. Need Help With Academic Writing Styles

As a scholar, your dissertation should show your prowess in academic writing styles. However, these can be hard to master especially when you are juggling so much at a time. Do not worry if you can’t seem to hack the required style.

Our professional dissertation editing services are designed to meet all the academic requirements in your document. We are a group of experienced dissertation editors who will stop at nothing to ensure you get the most academic-adherent paper.

4. Improving the Overall Quality of your Document

When writing a dissertation, you are required to compile information from different sources. As much as you may have met all the structural requirements of your paper, you might need to attend to the finer details to make it compelling.

Microsoft Word documents and other typing platforms may not identify the small but important issues that reduce the quality of your dissertation. However, a professional dissertation editor offers you high-quality editing services. We point out all the errors with clarity and refine your paper to make it high quality and point-worthy.

5. Need to Take a Break

Researching and compiling a dissertation is time-consuming and exhausting. By the time you are done, you might need a break from the paperwork and academic thinking. If you are at this point with your dissertation, we got you covered.

Our editors will take the editing work from your schedule and do it at a friendly price. In the meantime, you can enjoy your well-deserved break from the books.

What We Offer as a Professional Dissertation Editing Service

The industry is flooded with professional editing service providers. However, before you hire any of the services out there, you should be sure that they will do justice to your paper. Here are some of the reasons why we’re your ideal dissertation editing service:

1. Quality Guarantee

We are genuinely interested in helping you scale your academic heights. Our editors are professionals with relevant training in proofreading dissertations. They know exactly what mistakes to look for when editing your document.

You can rest assured that the errors in your dissertation will be attended to with keenness. The proofreading process followed by our editors includes:

  • Reading through the documents page by page
  • Highlighting all the errors
  • Fixing the errors one by one
  • Re-reading the documents
  • Fixing any extra errors
  • The final reading of the document
  • Submitting the edited document

2. Professional Editors

Our editors are thoroughly trained in proofreading and editing before joining us. We all have a strong academic background, assuring you that your dissertation will only be handled by the best proofreaders.

As part of our professional editing requirements, we also go through language assessment checks before we start working on clients’ documents. We are all conversant with native English speakers and have both spoken and written prowess in the language.

3. Confidentiality

Our client’s confidentiality is of utmost importance, and we have put measures on our website to safeguard your information. Our online platform conversations are secured with end-to-end encryption, and we have firewalls to prevent hackers from breaching our systems.

The articles, papers, and dissertations we proofread are not shared with third parties and are only released at the customer’s request. Our professional editors are also vetted and required to sign an NDA before joining us.

4. A Responsive Support Team

We have a responsive support department available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to attend to your questions and concerns. They all understand native English and communicate well with the clients.

The support team acts as a go-between for the customers and the editors. They receive instructions from the client and deliver them to us. If an editor needs to clarify something with the client, they report to the support team.

5. Expertise in Formatting and Writing Styles

A dissertation is an academic document and should be formatted in the appropriate style. Unfortunately, some of the editing services providers masquerading as proofreaders do not understand the different styles.

However, our dissertation editors are graduates with thorough knowledge of style and formatting requirements. They understand PhD language and use their prowess to proofread and edit your document to achieve quality.

6. Free Revision

Our only aim is to keep our customers satisfied with the proofreading we do for their dissertations. If as a student you are not satisfied with the final document you get, you can request a revision. We do not charge you for the revisions.

We allow you to request as many revisions as necessary to meet the required standards of the job. We also give you drafts of the edited documents to review and highlight any changes you would like made before getting the final draft.

If you do not like the word choice, tone, language, grammar, or identify spelling mistakes or formatting problems on your document, contact us for a free revision.

7. Track Changes on Your Papers

When you trust us to proofread your dissertation, we allow you to track changes in your document. We give you constant updates every step of the proofreading process and also allow you to contact us through our support team.

You can request drafts during the editing process for review, and our editors are always available to hand them in. Unlike other providers in the industry, you will not have to run after us to do your work or get disappointed at the last minute. Our editors commit their hours and resources to give you the best service.

8. Affordability

We offer top-notch dissertation proofreading and editing services at unbeatable prices. The cost of every dissertation varies depending on the number of pages and the work required. We understand that university students work on tight budgets and offer the most affordable services in the market.

Our pricing also depends on the subject of the dissertation because some subjects are more complex than others. Some subjects demand more hours than others, and because we want you to graduate with the best grades, we will only charge what is enough to compensate for the services rendered.

9. Positive Reviews

Our website is laced with positive reviews from our past customers from across the world. Our editors have proven to be helpful in assisting students to submit quality papers, articles, and dissertations and graduate with the best grades.

Our editors’ core business is to be as helpful as possible to our customers, provide quality proofreading services and get positive feedback from the client. The positive feedback fuels us to help more students achieve the quality they want in their dissertations.

10. Secure Online Payment

We work with the most credible online payment service providers to safeguard the confidentiality of our customers. We understand that a student’s confidentiality should always be protected for their academic integrity. You are assured that neither our website nor affiliate payment systems will compromise your personal information.

11. Respect For Time

We understand that university students work with deadlines and prefer their work done within the allocated time. After contacting and hiring our editors to proofread and edit your dissertation, we will require you to give a timeline for the job.

The hours allocated to every document determine the speed at which the editor needs to work. If we need more hours to get the job done, we inform you in good time. You will never have to remind us about deadlines or beg us to keep time, common with other online proofreading services.

Let Our Experts Help You with Editing Your dissertation

Our editing team will help you improve the clarity and readability of your content. We are detail-oriented people who quickly spot typographical, spelling, referencing, and grammar mistakes and correct them. We also help you enhance your sentence structure and present your paper in polished, formal English.

We are a reliable dissertation proofreading and dissertation editing service that has served hundreds of students for the last couple of years. Our experts have mastered the fine details regarding handling a research project. From data collection and analysis to dissertation editing, they will give you all the support you need.