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eBook Formatting Service

eBook Formatting Service

You can make a ton of cash selling eBooks. But there is work to do before you can sell your first copy. Thinking up your eBook, writing it, and formatting it is essential activities that demand your attention. Formatting eBooks is a lot more challenging than formatting traditional books, and eBook publishing companies know that.

That is why they require authors to use a standard format that works with e-readers. Our eBook formatting services help you create high-quality eBooks that readers want to buy and consume.

What is eBook Formatting?

You are probably asking yourself, “what, exactly, is eBook formatting?” The modern reader doesn’t have much time to spend in the library. But they want to read and improve their lives. Fortunately, technology has produced various devices that support reading on the go.

 eBook formatting is a process that involves converting Word or PDF documents into files that e-readers can read. We offer professional eBook formatting services that help you satisfy the changing needs of the modern consumer.

No Pages in eBooks!

Pages are a permanent feature in every print book you will ever read. But this is not the case with eBooks. There are no pages in eBooks. Using chapter headings lets your readers know they are starting a new chapter. Your reader’s device ‘’sees” your pages differently than you do.

Your pages do not align with those of your reader’s e-reader. That is why you do not need page breaks. Our eBook formatting specialists are pros when it comes to preparing your manuscript for online publishing. We will ensure your text “flows.”

Our eBook Formatting Services

  • Optimized embedded eBook cover
  • Interactive table of contents
  • Full-color creation
  • Additional front and back matter, including your copyright page, title page, and call to action.
  • Authentic print formatting design elements, such as indents, paragraph breaks, and chapter headings.
  • Custom coding
  • Live website links
  • Your eBook files are tested on our software and the devices before sending them to you.
  • ePUB files are e-check compliant.

Get Help with Every Aspect of Our eBook Formatting Service

Our eBook formatting service team has experience in all aspects of eBook formatting. We will take care of paragraph formatting, text alignment, font size, line spacing, and so on. Will you be using tables, footnotes, text boxes, or columns? Let our experts help you handle these since formatting can be challenging and frustrating for you.

1. Automated Formatting Can Result in Errors

The problem with automated formatting is that your eBook can end up with errors during the document conversion process. Some of the mistakes you get are run-on sentences, missing punctuation, and broken paragraphs, among many others.

Our eBook formatting processes ensure your eBook’s quality justifies your selling price. Human formatting always produces much better results. We highly recommend it.

2. Online Publishing Companies Have Specific Requirements

You want your target readers to be able to access your eBook from different platforms and devices. Before this happens, there must be uniformity in the textual content of your eBook. That is why online publishing companies such as Kindle and Smashwords want you to use a standardized format.

Each company has its set of requirements that you need to meet while using its services. Our specialists understand the specific requirements of various online publishing companies. They will help you format your eBook in alignment with such requirements.

3. eBook Formatting is Time-consuming

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person? Well, while there is a lot of self-pride and a sense of fulfillment that comes with self-publishing your eBook, not to mention the creative control and better royalties, it can be a time-consuming and exhausting process, especially when it comes to formatting.

This is because you have to spend so much time creating live website links, custom coding, and creating an interactive table of contents, to mention a few. For this reason, you should seek the help of our specialists for all your eBook services to save your time and energy.

4. Make Your eBook a Success!

Now, the only way to obtain dominance in the business is by providing your readers with a top-quality eBook. This means that your book needs to be unique and to stand out to attract a major audience. Your goal is to sell as many books as you possibly can.

Our conversion services can help your book a professional layout and unique book cover design that gives you a competitive advantage over other eBooks in the market.

Enjoy Our eBook Formatting Services

Seeking our professional formatting services helps create a quality e-Book layout that helps to attract more readers to your book. Moreover, you can further expect some of these amazing benefits:

1. Technology and Customization

Our company aims at increasing the user readability levels for all our clients. For this reason, we rely on the most advanced software and devices to perform all eBook conversion services. Our eBook formatting services team also upholds your requirements and directives to produce your desired formats and guarantee customer satisfaction.

2. Affordable Pricing

One of the many reasons that may deter you from seeking a professional formatting service for your file is the fear of incurring more costs. But you can relax as our team offers authors and publishers conversion services at an affordable price.

All you have to do is contact us with the required format, the number of pages, and any other directives, and our eBook formatting services team will let you know of the best affordable pricing for your ebook project.

3. Save Time and Effort

It takes a lot of time to understand the various pdf conversion and eBook formats requirements from different publishing companies such as Kindle and Smashwords. However, our team is well conversant with these guidelines; therefore, guarantee a final job that will wow you with a quick turnaround time.

You can use this free time to focus on other issues that generate more income for your business as you let our company work towards a quality file.

4. High-Quality eBook

Successful eBook publishing requires that your files are well-formatted and that they are of high quality to reach the target audience. Our eBook formatting service thumb of rule is giving clients superlative quality books. For this reason, our conversion service works towards turning your manuscript images and texts into an attractive layout that is error-free with a standard font and easy to read.

What’s more? The final eBook is confronted by two quality checks to ascertain that it is within our authors’ and publishers’ requirements before delivery to their clients.

Why Choose Us?

Seeking conversion services is a bold step, not to mention an expensive investment. For this reason, it is only fair that you get the full value of your pay. This is only achieved by choosing the best available eBook formatting company for your project. Here are reasons why our eBook conversion services stand out and why you should choose us;

1. Pocket-Friendly Prices

We understand that our clients wish to stay within their budgets for their published eBooks. For this reason, we offer affordable rates with transparent pricing for completed files. To determine exact prices for our clients, we consider the words in your manuscript and the desired format before embarking on the conversion process.

Moreover, we have diverse payment options that guarantee ease when during pay. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for your desired eBook formats.

2. Quick Turnaround Time

We understand that time is of the essence for clients seeking our services. For this reason, once you place your order with us, our support team begins to convert your manuscript immediately. This way, we deliver the final job within the shortest time possible.

However, if we miss a deadline, which we rarely do, you can expect a full payment refund.

3. Exceptional Quality

We pride our self in offering only top-notch quality eBook services. Our eBook formats are user-friendly and are easily accessible on various devices, including mobile phones and computers. Our sole aim is to give your audience a high-quality eBook formatted file that will keep them coming back for more from you!

Once you are done uploading your manuscript, our eBook service team will develop a custom format that matches your theme and the message of your book. To ascertain that we meet your eBook file quality requirement standards, our self-publishing company will send you a completed epub formatting proof.

You will then review the form, and when pleased with our work, you will accept and approve to publish. Contact us for formatting solutions for your business.

4. 24-Hour Customer Support

In case of any inquiries regarding our service, or you need to adjust your book cover design, or any other issue about your eBook, do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team is available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to offer solutions to all your concerns.

5. Book Validation

ePub files that our service prepare are based on international standards. Our eBook services team ensures that your book passes through an ePub check, ePubPreflight, and other validation methods, set by renowned eBook publishing and selling platforms such as Kindle and Smashwords. Validation is done under the guidelines published by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum).

6. Data security

Data security remains our first and foremost concern throughout our workflow. We pledge to protect your author’s input document and never reveal it to any third party at any cost. Also, the transmission always takes place only through our secured FTP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can come up and their answers;

1. What will my eBook look like?

The appearance and layout of your eBook depend on what eReader your eBook is viewed on. Devices such as Amazon’s Kindle and iPad allow readers to choose between different font types and sizes they want to be displayed. All eBook files have to allow for this flexible reading experience.

This means your eBook will be formatted to display consistently across a variety of different eReader platforms, software, and apps.

2. Will this mean my eBook is thoroughly edited too?

No, this is just eBook formatting and coding of your book, using your final edited manuscript. We will not correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, or any other editing or proofreading mistakes.

However, you can order proofreading and editing services with us. The cost for these services is not, however, included in the initial formatting service price.

3. Do you distribute or publish eBooks?

No. We are a quality service vendor for publishers and self-published authors who choose to maintain control and upload their eBook files directly to retailers themselves. This is what we recommend when self-publishing the smart way.

4. Do I own all rights to my eBook files?

Yes certainly. Once you receive your completed formatted eBook files, you own them and all rights.

5. Will my eBook appear in color?

This will depend on the device you’re using. Your eBook will be created using all the color material you provide, such as your cover image and illustrations. Keep in mind that not all eReader devices display in color.

Devices such as Kindle’s early Kindle models and new Paperwhite devices display in greyscale. New tablet devices such as iPad, Kobo, Nook Color, and Kindle Fire devices will display in full color.

6. What files do you accept?

Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text (.rtf) or InDesign (.indd)

7. Do I need a separate ISBN for my eBook?

Yes, we recommend you do. eBooks are considered a separate product from your print book and audiobook, so it requires a separate product identification number.

8. Do you accept deposits?

No. While placing your order, you’ll receive a quote that you can make the payments via PayPal or with your credit card after accepting. We receive payment for standalone eBook formatting projects in full upfront due to the small project size of eBook formatting.

9. How many revisions are included?

Two rounds of revision are included. This helps keep our eBook formatting prices low. Significant changes or additional content will incur an additional fee.

Contact Us Today!

Our eBook formatting services help you create a high-quality book that circulates fast, helping you reach many readers and make money. To ensure the readers are satisfied with your books, ensure the eBooks are proofread and edited by a professional.

Your eBook formatting does not have to be stressful and far-fetched. Contact us today! Protection Status