Ebook Formatting

ebook formattingYou can make a ton of cash selling ebooks. But there is work to do before you can sell your first copy. Thinking up your ebook, writing it, and formatting it are all highly important activities that demand your attention. Formatting ebooks is a lot more challenging than formatting traditional books. And ebook publishing companies know that. That is why they require authors to use a standard format that works with e-readers. Our ebook formatting services help you create high-quality ebooks that readers want to buy and consume.

What is Ebook Formatting?

You are probably asking yourself “what, exactly, is ebook formatting?” The modern reader doesn’t have much time to spend in the library. But they want to read and improve their lives. Fortunately, technology has produced various devices that support reading on the go. EBook formatting is a process that involves converting Word or PDF documents into files that e-readers can read. We offer professional ebook formatting services that help you satisfy the changing needs of the modern consumer.

No Pages in Ebooks!

Pages are a permanent feature in every print book you will ever read. But this is not the case with ebooks. There are no pages in ebooks.  Using chapter headings lets your readers know they are starting a new chapter. Your reader’s device ‘’sees” your pages differently than you do. Your pages do not align with those of your reader’s e-reader. That is why you do not need page breaks. Our ebook formatting specialists are pros when it comes to preparing your manuscript for online publishing. We will ensure your text “flows.”

Get Help with Every Aspect of Ebook Formatting

Our people have experience in all aspects of ebook formatting. We will take care of paragraph formatting, text alignment, font size, line spacing, and so on.  Will you be using tables, footnotes, text boxes, or columns? Let our experts help you handle these; it can be challenging and frustrating.

Automated Formatting Can Result in Errors

The problem with automated formatting is that your ebook can end up with errors that occur during the document conversion process. Some of the mistakes you get are run-on sentences, missing punctuation, and broken paragraphs among many others. Our ebook formatting processes ensure your ebook’s quality justifies your selling price. Human formatting always produces much better results. We highly recommend it.

Online Publishing Companies Have Specific Requirements

You want your target readers to be able to access your ebook from different platforms and devices. Before this happens, the must be uniformity in the textual content of your ebook. That is why online publishing companies such as Kindle and Smashwords want you to use a standardized format. Each company has their set of requirements that you need to meet while using their services.

Our specialists understand the specific requirements of the various online publishing companies.  They will help you format your ebook in alignment with such requirements. Our services help you create a high-quality book that circulates fast, helping you reach many and make money. To ensure the readers is satisfied with your books, ensure the ebooks is also proofread and edited by a professional.


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