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eBook Proofreading Service

eBook Proofreading Service

As an author, you are fortunate to live in this age of the internet and amazing digital technologies. You no longer need to worry about rejections by traditional publishers. Thanks to self-publishing, you can now share your message with the whole world without needing to spend a dime.

And if your eBook is valuable, you can end up earning thousands or millions from its sales. However, working with a reliable eBook proofreading service like ours will increase your chances of success significantly.

What is eBook Proofreading?

eBook proofreading is a process where a professional proofreader carefully goes through your manuscript and ensures there are no errors before publishing or sharing the eBook. Proofreading is the final step of the writing process whereby the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, and other issues are corrected.

eBook proofreading goes hand in hand with editing services, thus the need to seek professional services to deliver an outstanding and quality eBook for your audience. However, you can choose to proofread yourself and use a self-publishing platform if your skills match those of a professional or lack the funds to hire a proofreading service.

Types of eBooks do We Proofread

Our proofreading services do not limit authors on the type of eBook manuscripts to submit for proofreading. Our proofreaders and editors are conversant with different eBooks making it easy for you to publish quality publications at an affordable price. Such eBooks include:

  • Fiction such as children’s stories, fantasy, horror, romance, humor, and thriller books.
  • Nonfiction such as Biographies, historical, memoirs, reference, self-help, and science books.
  • Novels, novellas, and short stories
  • Plays and screenplays
  • Poetry

Since proofreading applies to edited final drafts, you have no reason to panic if your manuscript is yet to be edited. We also offer eBook editing and proofreading services, and you can also access line editing and copy editing.

Why You Should Seek eBook Proofreading Services?

Experience shows that few great achievements are ever the results of the efforts of individuals who work alone. Famous authors and inventors knew they needed the support of others. Working with others did not diminish their recognition or fame. Quite the contrary, they achieved higher levels of success than they would have managed unassisted.

After you have written your eBook, it pays to work with an experienced eBook proofreading professional. You may be exceptional. However, that does not mean your work will always be flawless. Publishing without the input of experts could result in an eBook that contains errors that could adversely affect your credibility as an author.

1. Errors Can Cost You Sales

The majority of readers out there will never buy a book full of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Errors and inconsistencies in your message tell them that you have not paid enough attention. And if you do not care, why should they? While anyone can self-publish, few people manage to sell more than a few copies.

If you are serious about self-publishing and making sales, you will be ready to do whatever it takes. Clarify your ideas, organize them, and present them compellingly. Find competent professionals and have your eBook worked to perfection. A poorly written eBook annoys readers and reduces revenue drastically.

2. You May Require an Expert’s Appearance

Why is hiring a professional proofreader important? By doing so, you not only get a perfect manuscript but you are also provided with suggestions on how to perfect your writing skills. An expert will also catch the mistakes such as errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and inconsistencies in your writing, which can be hazardous if published.

3. Limited Time

Since our eBook proofreading services are here to proofread any written e-work such as short stories, novels, and other publications, you can seek these services and save more time on your end. In addition, being experts in this area means we will work faster on your manuscript than if you chose to proofread yourself. This will allow you to rest easy and work on other issues.

4. Limited Finances

Limited funds can be reason enough for you to opt-out of hiring a proofreading service. However, by proofreading your work, you are likely to skip some mistakes since you have spent more time working on the manuscript, thus the reason for you to seek help from fresh eyes.

Through our eBook proofreading services, you experience a pocket-friendly proofreading service where our professional proofreaders work on your piece while you concentrate on other ways you can make money. You also make more money from purchases of your perfectly proofread eBook.

5. You May Need Proofreading Services Urgently

By hiring a professional proofreader, you can rest assured that your manuscript will be ready to publish before the set deadline. Since it is their job, proofreaders and editors work in a concise time frame where even the most urgent publications are perfected and ready to publish.

In some cases, you might prefer having your friend, family member, or a colleague proofread your eBook, which might cause delays, and they might not catch every error. Therefore, it is wise to consult eBook proofreading services like ours for a fast-delivered manuscript ready to publish.

Reap the Fruits of Our eBook Proofreading Service

Our professional proofreader team eliminates every spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting error, or sentence structure inconsistencies from your final draft just before you publish. At this point, the assumption is that editors have already done their part since the proofreader does not make major changes to your work.

Their role is polishing up your manuscript after substantive and copy editors have done their job. They remove any remaining typographical errors as well. By the time they are through, your product is perfect and ready for publishing. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits:

1. You Worry Less and Boost Your Creativity More

When writing your book, creativity is key and is what makes you stand out. However, the constant self-help urge to avoid mistakes and errors in grammar, spelling, and inconsistencies tends to throw your creativity off the cliff. Worry no more and boost your creativity by seeking our editing and proofreading services.

With the knowledge that a professional will proofread your eBook manuscript at the back of your mind, you can shut off the inner editor and focus more on your content. Our expert proofreaders are experienced in each field, thus working on sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

2. Makes it Easy For Your Readers to Understand Your Content

More than often, an author has a perfect idea and a well-written book in their mind, but when it comes to writing it down on paper, errors and mistakes are found. This is why it is important to have a fresh set of eyes to proofread your book before publishing.

For accuracy and relevance, our eBook proofreading services will ensure your final draft has been proofread by more than one proofreader giving you the best eBook publication.

3. Boosts Your Confidence

Hiring a professional proofreader will automatically shoot your confidence through the roof! If you proofread your book and end up self-publishing it, you will likely keep your fingers crossed and hope your readers get your message clearly.

By consulting our proofreading services, you can rest assured that your eBook has the acceptable sentence structure and word choice, no errors in grammar, spelling, language, punctuation, and writing style. By taking this bold step, you will boost your inner and outer confidence.

4. Helps You to Step Away From Your Network

Your network of friends and family can be unreliable when it comes to proofreading your draft under a tight deadline. Also, you may feel like you are overloading your friends or taking advantage of their willingness to proofread your book. For you to step away from your network, our eBook proofreading services come in handy.

We have professional proofreaders who will work on your eBook final draft without diverting your creative concept. Since authors have deadlines with the publishers, you can rest assured that you will meet the deadline and hit the word count.

5. Increases Your Copywriting Knowledge

We ensure you get the best learning experience with our eBook proofreading services for authors of any genre of eBooks. Our proofreaders leave comments on the margins or the editing line of the software, such as MS Word, where you can compare your original draft and the suggested changes. You can also accept or reject the suggested changes as you see fit.

Through continuous usage of our proofreading services, you will develop relate better with our proofreaders, who will be more conversant with your writing style, thus improving your skills.

Other Proofreading Options

You could proofread your work. Or you could have one of your friends help you. In either case, you are going to save money. The problem with these options is that you can never be sure about the quality of your eBook.

It is quite easy to miss mistakes you made yourself. And your friend is probably too busy with their lives to give the task the attention it demands. Besides, they may not possess the expertise and skills needed to raise your eBook to a place of perfect authorship. Is saving a little money more important than recognition and potentially overwhelming sales? Only you can answer that.

What Makes Us Unique?

As soon as authors finish working on the final draft, they will require a proofreading service to work on it. Here is where we come in. Our professional proofreaders are always available 24/7 to proofread your draft, and you can rest easy or move on to other money-generating ways.

Do not worry about your book’s genre format or style since our proofreaders are conversant with any document, be it fiction, nonfiction, or business. The following are some reasons why we are unique and best to work with:

1. On-time Delivery

More than often, eBook publishing companies tend to give authors set deadlines that can be challenging to meet. We ensure our proofreading team thoroughly proofreads your final draft without altering your message or word count. Our proofreaders are experts; thus, the ability to work as fast as possible to ensure you don’t miss the deadline.

For an eBook with less than 10,000 words, we offer a 24 hours guarantee, and in case you might need a turnaround, we provide you with a selection of preferred delivery speeds depending on the word count of your document.

2. Top-notch Quality

Quality is our top priority. We ensure our proofreaders are conversant with your eBook genre. They then ensure there are no errors in grammar, spelling mistakes, word choice, punctuation, and language.

In addition, they provide comments and suggestions for you to learn and improve your skills. In cases where you are not satisfied, we re-work the document to your satisfaction.

3. Secure Data Systems

Sharing personal and financial information is often misused, thus why we make it our primary focus to protect it. Since you have entrusted us with your eBook draft or any other publication to proofread, we reciprocate the trust by protecting your information with the most secure ISO standard system.

Our employees also sign a non-disclosure agreement before working with us, thus making your information secure and impossible to share with any third party.

4. Pocket-friendly Rates

Some authors prefer using their network of friends and family to help with proofreading their books before being published due to the cost of professional proofreading services. This may lead to missed deadlines and poor quality work. We offer the most affordable pricing rates that won’t leave a deep hole in your pockets to avoid such problems.

We have a pricing calculator that provides an instant quote that you can use to estimate the price as per the word count of your eBook.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

On our page, you will find a live messaging pop-up where our customer support team is always ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. Do not worry about the time or place since our team is always available 24 hours throughout the week.

6. Customizable Editing

If you are not sure of the editing on your eBook draft, you can order our editing service, where a professional editor will edit your draft before handing it over to the proofreaders. By choosing the editing and proofreading services, you can include some specifications for the editor to take into account.

For instance, you can include your intended audience, the purpose of the eBook, and the tone you want to use. By doing this, you can rest assured your book will reach your readers loud and clear.

7. Professionalism

We ensure our employees hold university degrees in editing and proofreading and they have undergone our training sessions. We also encourage them to engage in upcoming refresher courses to sharpen their skills and keep up with any upcoming eBook trends.

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