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English Academic Editing

Students are required to present your academic documents in grammatically correct and coherent English. After writing your papers, you will have to edit and proofread them to make sure they hit the academic standards.

While editing your document might seem like an easy task, it could be daunting if you do not have the necessary skills or time. For this reason, hiring our services in English academic editing could be your most viable resort.

We work on your documents to correct all mistakes and improve their overall quality at an affordable price.

What is Academic English?

Academic writing is one of the loftiest forms of English writing there are. Your content has to be of high quality because it is intended for an educated audience.

Academicians have little tolerance for work written in poor English. Here, you should be using the right words all the time. Flowery language better suited for a lifestyle magazine has no place in this type of writing.

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Even the most proficient academic writers make little mistakes. Some of the most celebrated authors the world has ever produced have had editors reject their manuscripts for various reasons. You want to present outstanding work free of grammatical errors.

Be sure to hire a competent academic document editing service. Nothing annoys an assessor like glaring grammatical mistakes all over your document. Invest in a good editor, and you will never worry about such embarrassing mistakes.

Want to Publish?

People who have become successful in academia understand the importance of getting one’s work published. You cannot be a recognized academician if you do not publish your papers or presenting them at conferences.

Studies show that few people ever spend time reading poorly written work. If English is not your first language, or your language skills are poor, consider working with our English academic editing service. We will work on your manuscript to ensure it reads just right.

Why You Need English Academic Editing Services

Writing a great academic paper could be your biggest accomplishment. However, if the paper has grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors, its quality is compromised. You may need a professional editor to deal with the nitty-gritty details of your paper. Here are some of the reasons you may need our editing services:

1. Time Restrictions

Editing an academic paper might be time-consuming, and more so if you are multitasking. You might also be running out of time to submit your paper, yet, you have not polished it. Hiring an editor for your paper will help create extra time for your other commitments.

A professional academic editor also respects your time and deadlines. You are also sure that your paper will be polished and hit all the academic requirements for high grades.

2. Busy Schedules

Studying, working, and other life commitments can take all the time in your days. You might not have enough time to go through your academic paper and make the necessary edits.

However, if you hire the services of a professional editor, you can spare more time to attend to your other commitments.

3. Need For A Second Opinion

It is always advisable to have a fresh pair of eyes go through your paper before submitting it for grading. A professional academic editor is the best person for this job.

When writing your paper, you might miss some important details such as hitting the word count, a comma here, a misspelt word there, and other details. Unfortunately, these details affect the quality of your paper and may lower your grades.

Hiring professional proofreading services increases your chances of presenting a polished paper worth higher grades.

How Do Such Companies Help?

English academic editing professionals work your manuscript to perfection, readying it for presentation, publishing, and readership. They have mastered the English language. Their keen eyes make sure there are no spelling, grammatical, or typing errors in your final paper.

Additionally, they ensure every word, sentence, and paragraph contributes to a logical cohesion that delivers maximum value for your readers. Using them eliminates all awkward phrases and unnaturally used words. As they do all this, they are careful not to alter your message. In a nutshell, you get a super-refined paper.

The English language has dominated all others to become the modern researcher’s language. Whether you are a native speaker or use English as a second language, there is a need to use it correctly at all times. You do not want poor grammar and spelling issues coupled with incoherence to ruin an otherwise outstanding paper. It makes sense to find and hire an experienced professional who focuses on English academic editing.

Why You Should Hire Our English Academic Editing Services

With all the editing and proofreading services in the market, you need to be sure about the deal you settle for. Here’s why we are the best option:

1. Native English

We are all conversant with native English and have a strong academic background in the English language. We have high-level expertise in academic editing and proofreading.

If you are not a native English speaker, you can trust our editing team to make your paper look like a native speaker wrote it. We go through your English academic paper, word for word, sentence by sentence to make sure that we improve the structure and flow of words.

2. Professional Academic Editors

Our editors are all trained in editing and proofreading academic documents. We understand all university requirements in academic papers and will produce a quality English academic paper.

As editors. we also understand the need to respect clients’ time and instructions. We work with a high level of professionalism to ensure that you are satisfied with the final paper.

3. Affordability

We understand that university students work with strict budgets, while they also require professional help with their papers. We charge you depending on the requirements of your English academic paper. Some of the factors we consider are the word count, the urgency of the paper, and the instructions you give us.

You only need to engage with one of our customer support agents to get a great deal for your paper.

4. Versatility

Our English editors are trained to handle English academic papers regardless of the subject area. We have a wide pool of editors who can handle any paper from nursing to engineering to English and history.

We also keep refreshing our editing and proofreading techniques to incorporate the changes in academic styles and formats.

The editors are conversant with the different academic structures for papers such as journal articles, research papers, essays, and dissertations.

5. Unmatched Expertise

All our English editors must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. We also go through editing and proofreading training to help us handle clients’ papers with expertise.

As editors, we also take refresher courses to match customer needs in editing and proofreading. We assign the best and most qualified editor to your paper to ensure that the quality of your paper is met.

6. Free Revision

We edit your paper with keenness to grammar, spelling, punctuation, format, and sentence structure. However, if you are not happy with the final manuscript, you can request a revision. What’s more, we will not charge you for it.

We also give you drafts as we work on your document for review. This way, you can correct the editor as they continue working on your manuscript. You are also involved every step of the way to reduce your chances of being dissatisfied with the final document.

7. Confidentiality

We understand your need for confidentiality as we help you improve the quality of your paper. All the conversations with our team are secured, as well as the payment structures we use.

Our team of editors is also under strict instructions not to disclose client information to third parties. They are all bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), safeguarding all your details.

8. Great Customer Support

We have a team available 24/7 to attend to any questions or concerns you have about our services. The support team answers your messages promptly, assuring you an open communication channel.

As editors, we get our instructions from the support team and any changes you may want to be effected on your document. If we need any clarification, we will talk to you through the support agents.

9. Quality Guarantee

Our advanced expertise in editing and proofreading assures you quality in your manuscript. We commit company resources to your needs to ensure that we meet all the specifications. We also have open communication channels to keep you updated with the progress of your document.

We will submit a well-edited document devoid of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, word count, or punctuation errors. We have sample articles on our website to give you a taste of what we do.

10. Great Reviews

Our editors have great reviews over the years from the international clientele we continue to serve. The testimonials on our website prove that our services are professional, and we leave nothing to chance while attending to your documents.

We inject consistency, determination, and working hours in every publication we get to give it a customized editorial touch. We also have a comments section where you can report any improper action. However, we have not had any negative reports for the years we have been in business.

11. Commendable Turnaround Time

For the years we have helped university students and researchers edit their journals and academic manuscripts, we have been commended for fast turnarounds. Our clients have successfully published their manuscripts after we edited them.

We also understand that students work with strict deadlines and need extra time to review their essays before submitting them. We edit your documents and submit them before the deadline to give you time to review them and ask for revisions when necessary.

12. Plagiarism Free Documents

Most online editing services will not check plagiarism in your documents or will charge you extra for the service. Our academic editing services include checking for plagiarism and editing it accordingly.

If you failed to paraphrase some content in your work, we do it for you for free. As a bonus, we give you a plagiarism report with your document.

How Do Our Academic Editing Services Work?

Our academic editing services are easy to procure. Our website has a live chat option where you can talk to our customer support agents. Once you contact us, you can tell the agent what you need to be done on your paper.

The agent will ask you to name your price depending on your budget. We then give you our price after which you will be required to deposit the payment through a trusted and credible online payment program. Our agent will acknowledge receipt of the payment for accountability purposes.

Once you have made a payment, your document is handed over to a professional editor. You can ask for drafts as the editor works on your paper to ensure that instructions are followed. Once the paper is finished, we will submit it in good time and allow you to ask for revisions if need be.

Let Us Handle Your English Academic Editing Needs

A good academic paper should be well-edited and proofread to meet all academic requirements. If you do not have the time or expertise to edit your paper professionally, you need good editorial services.

We offer you English academic editing services to improve the quality of your manuscript. Our editors will go through your articles and highlight all the errors.

We go sentence to sentence and edit the grammar, spelling, and sentence structure errors. Your final document will have the correct word count, proper grammar, and a flowing tone.

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