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For you, as a university student, to excel in your academic work, writing essays will be the norm throughout your school life. The essays are one way you can shine a light on your research ideas and academic innovations. Therefore, you will require professional essay proofreading and editing services to ensure you score the highest grades for you to have a unique and outstanding essay.

Our platform has a team of native English-speaking proofreaders and editors who are conversant with every academic work; thus, you can rest assured your essay will be error-free and clear. You do not need to worry about bad outcomes since we have helped many students improve their essay writing skills and achieving A+ grades.

What is Essay Proofreading?

Essay proofreading is a process where a professional proofreader carefully goes through your essay and ensures there are no errors before submitting it to your professor. Proofreading comes after essay editing as the final step where the errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other inconsistencies are removed.

Essay proofreading goes hand in hand with editing services, seeking professional services like ours to deliver a top-quality essay. For university students, editing and proofreading costs can be intimidating, leading to self-editing solutions. Be a top achiever in your class by hiring our affordable proofreading services through the student package.

Why Students Seek Essay Editing and Proofreading Services?

Being a student can be challenging since you juggle assignments, projects, essays, extra curriculum activities, and part-time jobs to earn upkeep. In addition, you can put all your effort into writing a fully detailed essay, and by the end of the writing process, you do not have any energy left to edit or proofread your work.

This can be discouraging, especially if your professor returns your submitted essay with numerous blinding scrawling. For these and other reasons, we encourage students to seek our editing and proofreading services where they can be sure to get a grade-winning essay while they attend to other businesses.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why students seek essay proofreading and editing services:

1. Approaching Deadline

Students can be masters of procrastination which is a dangerous trait in the academic field. For instance, a student can procrastinate working on an assignment, research paper, or essay leading to a last-minute rush, leaving them exhausted and having the deadline around the corner. This can lead to submitting unrevised work, which can cost them immensely, thus resulting in poor grades.

To avoid such occurrences, you can seek essay proofreading and editing services like ours, where our editing and proofreading team will work on any academic task within a short period. Therefore, you will not miss any deadline, and you are assured of good grades.

2. English as a Second Language

The English language can be challenging for students who are not native English speakers. For instance, written American English is completely different from British English. Students might not know the difference when working on their academic work, thus the need for professional editors and proofreaders to detect the difference.

Our team of editors and proofreaders are native English speakers who are ready to rectify your essay and delivering a paper free of errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other linguistic inconsistencies.

3. Illness

An illness can sneak up on you when you least expect it. You may have planned a schedule to work on your essay or assignment, but you wake up sick. You don’t have to panic since we have a team of professional editors and proofreaders who are available 24/7 and have helped thousands of students going through similar situations. You can place an order with us and visit the hospital or make a cup of chocolate and snuggle comfortably while we work on your essay.

Expect your proofread and edited essay within a 24-hour span while you rest and getting well!

4. Having a Part-Time Job

Working on school work and attending classes can be exhausting. On top of these school activities, having a job for extra money can leave your body limp and no time for proofreading and editing your assigned essays, thus the need for help. In such circumstances, let us help you through our proofreading and editing services and take some time to rest.

Our team is available 24 hours a day and willing to lift that burden off your shoulders. We ensure your essay is reviewed and rectified, thus delivering high quality and grade-winning essay.

5. Engagement in Extracurricular Activities

Engaging yourself in extracurricular activities such as sports can help any university or college student relieve the academic pressure and allow fun. Such activities boost the energy to tackle upcoming academic challenges. You might have completed writing your essay but lack time to edit and proofread it due to other fun activities with your friends.

Let us make sure you submit a high-quality essay by hiring our expert editors and proofreaders. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with any documents assigned by the university or college professor.

6. University’s Examination Period

The examination period is one of the most stressful times in your academic experience. You, as a student, need to prepare for the tests and maybe submit your essay within the same period. Such occurrences can leave you confused and panicking. Rest easy, and let us help.

Our editors are experts in this area and you can allow them to work on your essay before the deadline and deliver an outstanding essay while you study, thus securing exceptional grades. We have a customer support team available 24 hours a day and ready to answer any questions you may have.

As a student, you can study smart and work less while attaining high grades and succeeding in your academics by seeking our essay editing and proofreading services. Contact us today!

What are the Benefits of Seeking Our Proofreading and Editing Services?

As a university or college student, taking the step to seek our essay editing and proofreading service guarantees you excellent grades. Our expert editors and proofreaders ensure your essay is error-free and ready to be submitted to your professor. We have editors with outstanding expertise in any academic documents, thus delivering quality work that will earn you top grades.

The following are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you seek a proofreading or editing service from us:

1. Error-free Essays

When you submit your essay to us, our expert editors and proofreaders immediately start working on it by checking and removing errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and language inconsistencies. You will then receive a quality, error-free essay that will earn you the best grades.

2. You Can Save Time and Effort

Since you’ve spent so much time writing your essay and might be worn out, you can rest easy and avoid the hassle of proofreading and editing your own essay. You are likely to miss some spelling and grammar errors since your essay is still fresh in your mind. With our essay proofreading and editing service, you can rest and let us use our expertise and deliver an outstanding document that will blow your mind off!

You can use the extra time to focus on other issues and trust our hand-chosen native English editors and proofreaders to do the rest. Contact us today.

3. Professionalism

Enjoy working with the best since our editors are hand-chosen are more conversant with the essay writing expertise, which comes in handy on any essay, be it an admission or research-based essay. They exhibit the utmost professionalism and walk with you every step of the editing and proofreading journey.

4. Valuable Feedback From the Editor

Not only do our editors perfect your document, but they also give you feedback on what and where the problem was and how to rectify it. We value you and would like to help you sharpen your skills. Thus, we deliver your revised papers with the edits and other changes marked.

You will notice the changes at the margin of your document, making it easy for you to identify and learn from the suggestions and corrections.

5. You Can Choose Your Delivery Time

Just as we have different personalities, so is the difference in the delivery time of a university student. Most learners tend to procrastinate their essays and assignments and rush when it is too late. That said, the minority get their assignments done within the earlier days after being assigned.

However, for the majority, getting your work done when the deadline is around the corner leaves you with errors, and you can end up getting revisions or poor grades.

This is where we come to the rescue by offering either the editing service or proofreading service. Here, you can choose your preferred delivery time from our 24 hour period to several days. You can also choose a 3 hour delivery period for more urgent tasks.

Why Choose Us?

Our main goal is to provide you with professional proofreading and editing services to help you score the highest grades by delivering well-proofread essays. Take that bold step and relieve yourself of that pressure by seeking our services and get to enjoy the help throughout your university life.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that make us different from other proofreading and editing platforms:

1. Data Privacy

If you are worried about your professor receiving information about your proofreading help, worry no more since we do not share your information with any third party. We value your privacy, and any third-party access to data is not an option on our end. Our systems are highly secure, and we believe that you are entitled to your privacy.

You can also request us to delete any past recordings of past proofread or edited work.

2. Top-Notch Quality

To achieve top grades in the university, you have to present impeccable writing pieces to your professor. Every proofreader and editor in our team is aware of this and makes it their mission to make your document meet the university’s guidelines and requirements.

When proofreading or editing your document, we choose the best people to review your piece and ensure there are no errors in grammar, language, spelling, punctuation, or structure before delivering it for you to submit.

3. On-Time Delivery

Being a university student means enduring through piles of assignments, tight class schedules, research projects, and tests. With such an overload of things to do, the last thing you want on your plate is missed deadlines.

This is where we come in and unload some of the stress and allow you to have more fun with your friends and enjoy some free time. Therefore, as soon as you submit your work to us, our editing and proofreading team will review and make necessary corrections and deliver it back to you within 24 hours.

4. Pocket-Friendly Pricing

If you are a university student, the financial burden can be overwhelming, especially if you are not under scholarship. Our editing service makes your school life smooth by offering you quality proofreading and editing at a pocket-friendly price.

You get to spend more hours on other significant issues as our editor reviews your essay. Ensure not to put a lot of pressure on yourself when you can hire our expert editor at an affordable price!

5. 24/7 Customer Support

The numerous responsibilities in a university or college student’s life can make it impossible to complete your assignments before the set deadline. With such an urgent essay, you may need help, thus the need to contact us immediately. Our customer support team is available 24/7.

They will help you to place your order or clarify any of your questions at any time. To get any other academic help, contact our 24-hour customer support team.

6. Moneyback Guarantee

It would help if you were not reluctant to place your order since in rare cases where you are not satisfied with our services even after revision or when we miss your deadline, our 100% moneyback guarantee will back you no questions asked.

7. Authentic Sources

Our editor, who will review your documents, will always ensure that your documents are thoroughly checked for plagiarism and grammatical errors. We will also check the references to ensure they are accurate and relevant for your field of study.

8. Order Tracking

Waiting for updates from your editor can be nerve-wracking during essay editing. With our essay editing service, you don’t have to wait for an update for hours since you can track the editing progress of your order any time you want. We also make sure to share the status at each step.

We have helped thousands of university learners through our services, and you can be one of them. All you have to do is contact us today!

How You Can Enjoy Our Services

Placing an order can be a dreadful process, especially if there many complicated steps to follow. The good news for you is that we have a very minimalistic order process where you can place your order by following few steps. We ensure the instructions are straightforward, making it easy for our clients to be 100% satisfied.

It would be best not to worry about the payment system since we use secure and safe payment channels such as PayPal or your credit card.

Step 1: Filling the Form

As soon as you open our page for order placement, you can get an instant quote where you are required to fill out a form and attach your essay to be edited. The process will take you less than a minute, and you will have a clear picture of how much you are to pay per word.

Step 2: Accept Quote

Here, you will receive an email with a quote and your edited essay for you to go through and review. The essay will show you the changes made, and you are free to accept or reject them, depending on your preferences. This process can take up to two business days, and you can give us your feedback.

Step 3: Pay the Invoice

After approving the quote and the edited essay, we then send you an email with your invoice, which summarizes your payment and services rendered. At this point, you are to make your invoice payments through a safe and secure money transfer system.

Contact Us Today!

Before submitting any document, ensure it is proofread since proofreading is one of the most crucial ways to ensure your document is error-free and ready to submit. Although to err is human, you should not ignore this important part of the writing process since it can cost you significantly due to spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Enjoy having fun with your friends, engaging in extracurricular activities, submitting your work on time, and study for your exams in peace when you seek our proofreading and editing services. As for your financial status, do not worry since we offer pocket-friendly prices, which can significantly affect your grades.

Therefore, do not hesitate and contact us today!