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As a busy university professor, there is hardly time for anything else between teaching, researching, writing, grading hundreds of papers, and probably raising a family. That said, you need to publish more often if you are to gain the recognition you deserve. You want recognition for your research and writing skills in your field, which will not happen if your work is not of the highest quality possible.

Smart authors like yourself work with the best online editors they can find. Working with the right manuscript editing service increases the chances of becoming a published author . Our more than 100 expert manuscript editors have the training and experience to help you become highly productive.

Our manuscript editing and proofreading services enable you to present perfect papers that move your career as a researcher forward.

Why Publish Your Manuscripts?

You certainly are not writing for yourself. Instead, you write for the global academic community. Naturally, these are highly educated individuals who have no time for work presented in poor language. But unless you get published, you will never get the global recognition you seek.

It would be best if you got started on your writing journey. That helps you to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

Why Pay For a Manuscript Editing Service?

You could always ask a friend to edit your manuscript. If they agreed, you could end up saving hundreds or thousands of dollars. But, unfortunately, your friend may not have the time to do that. Also, they may not have the language expertise that a professional manuscript editor possesses.

Also, understand that not all professional editors can handle a scientific manuscript. Therefore, the best decision is to engage an experienced professional language editor. Our expert editors will help you sidestep all the pitfalls associated with using other options. Here are some reasons you would pay a manuscript editing service:

1. The Publishing Process Holds Itself to the Highest Standards

When you submit your manuscript to a high-quality journal, professionals carefully examine it before selecting it for the peer-review process. A lot of such manuscripts never get beyond the selection stage. Detail-oriented editors and reviewers ensure only work deserving recognition proceeds to peer review.

Rejection happens a lot more than you probably imagine. Having poor English language writing skills is one of the most frequent reasons most aspiring researchers get rejected. But you are not about to give up and go home. You want to do whatever it takes to become a published author. It takes work, commitment, and help from editors like ours. So contact us today for an award-winning publication!

2. Sometimes You Need Professional Manuscript Editors

The typical manuscript editor can handle work coming from different fields of study. However, complicated research areas such as engineering, science, and medicine need someone who understands the subject matter.

Professional manuscript editors combine superior editing and technical language skills to bring your work to the highest level of quality. We focus on substantive, style, and copy editing to make sure your document is accurate, coherent, and has flow. In less challenging areas, generalists work just as well.

Do not hesitate to contact our manuscript editing service, where our editors will help you submit a manuscript journal reviewers will accept and publish.

3. You aren’t a Native English Speaker

Are you looking for an editor with high language proficiency? Our native English speaking editors are highly conversant with the language variants. You can be sure they will do an excellent job noting even the minor language mistakes in your essays.

Allow us to refine your academic manuscripts to match the native standards! When publishers find basic writing errors, they may question the language quality throughout the paper and even the validity of the research itself. Our manuscript editing services are ideal for all journal manuscripts, theses, dissertations, and other academic papers.

Our editors revise to improve clarity, flow, readability, and tone. Furthermore, as well as fixing grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, our editors also apply the formatting style guide of your choice to your references and citations. Finally, we also provide a certificate of editing to certify that your paper has been professionally edited before submission.

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Manuscript Editing Service?

When looking for the best manuscript editing service, consider one that corresponds with your editing needs, preferences, and budget. The skills, experience, reliability, reputation, and balance between the price and quality of manuscript editing services vary, and you need to find the best manuscript editing service that suits your needs.

Let’s have a look at some factors to consider in your quest for a suitable manuscript editing service:

1. Type of Manuscript you’re Writing

Are you publishing a book, journal article, research paper, business document, or an academic thesis? During your search, you will come across manuscript editing companies and individual manuscript editors who provide more broad editing services, while others deal with narrow document types.

As an added advantage, consider manuscript editing platforms with an editing team for you to build a relationship with several subject-area editors. Such editors come in handy when you have different types of manuscripts and you want them edited and ready to publish simultaneously. However, if you need high-quality editing on a single manuscript, having access to an editing team may not be convenient for you.

You can find a professional individual with high-quality editing skills for your manuscript. We offer several editing services for all types of manuscripts and have editors who can work with you on-demand and on a long term basis.

2. Your Editing Needs

Different academic authors have different editing needs. For example, some might want manuscript editing services with more editing and feedback, while others want basic copy editing with limited comments from the editor. Therefore, before hiring a manuscript editor, ensure to establish your goals and requirements clearly.

Determining the turnaround time of your edited manuscript is also a need you should consider before settling on an editing service. Know how fast your prospective editor can deliver a quality edited manuscript since some editors tend to have a quicker turnaround than others.

What is the deadline for receiving your edited manuscript? As the manuscript writer, you should also know whether the deadline you are given will be met based on the editor’s or the company’s previous projects. Anticipating a deadline that the editor does not meet can be quite frustrating, and to avoid this, contact our manuscript editing service today!

3. Your Preferences

What are your preferences when choosing a manuscript editing service?

  • Would you prefer to hire an editor or work with an editing company?
  • Do you want an automatically assigned editor if you choose an editing company, or do you want to choose one yourself?
  • Do you want one-on-one communication with your manuscript editor or wait for the editor’s suggestions after completing the editing process?

All these questions reflect your preferences which you should always consider before submitting your manuscript to your editor or editing company. If you choose a manuscript editing company, ask whether an editor will be assigned to work on your manuscript or if you have to select an editor of your choice.

Therefore, choose a platform that your preferences are fully considered. We value your opinion and preferences, thus providing you with high-quality editing services.

4. Cost

What’s your budget for manuscript editing and proofreading services? Before placing an order, you get an instant quote where you know how much to pay. However, some platforms can be misleading since you might pay for a full package but get a poorly edited manuscript that hasn’t been proofread to perfection. To avoid such occurrences, ensure to clearly understand what to expect and what you are paying for before submitting the manuscript.

Understand whether the quote includes editing services only or editing then proofreading services. In addition, ensure to double-check the credibility, reliability, and reviews of the manuscript editing service or editor you are interested in before making any payments. Such unforeseen instances can cause unnecessary costs that you can often avoid by hiring reputable manuscript editors or editing services.

What Makes Us a Unique Manuscript Editing Brand?

Our manuscript editing team has helped many academics professionals such as researchers, students, and business professionals improve their writing and achieve their goals. The following are some of the factors that make us a unique brand:

1. Two-Editor System

Two highly skilled editors review every manuscript to guarantee consistency and optimum quality. This system ensures you receive an error-free edited manuscript where the second editor corrects what the first editor missed.

2. Specialized Subject-area Matching

A manuscript based on cardiovascular issues will only be edited by an editor who is a Cardio staff, not a Medical Sciences specialist. Our carefully selected editors have experience in hundreds of academic fields, and we match your document to an editor with experience in your subject area.

Whether your work is in the humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences, with editing and proofreading from us, you can submit your academic manuscript with confidence.

3. Top-Notch English Editors

Clear writing invites your readers to think more deeply about your work. We revise the language so that they can focus on your study’s merits. We have native English-speaking editors from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada who ensure you impeccable English language.

4. Experienced Manuscript Editors

Our editors are scholars with years of valuable editing experience. Because our manuscript editors are familiar with the publication process, they understand the scrutiny your manuscript must undergo to be published in your target journal. We carefully select an editor to work on your manuscript based on their qualifications and familiarity with the subject area.

Our editors are trained to comb through your draft for language issues such as grammar errors, language misuse, unnatural phrasing, and inappropriate style to ensure that publishers and peer reviewers will assess your work on its merits. As an author, you can be confident that your chances of getting research published in journals will be boosted by our expert editing services.

5. Convenient and Fast

When placing an order with us, you get to choose the turnaround time you wish, depending on your urgency. In addition, our manuscript editors are conversant with this field, thus working faster than an inexperienced editor.

In cases where we miss a deadline, which is rare, we give you a moneyback guarantee, no questions asked.

6. Confidentiality

We respect and value your privacy by reinforcing a confidentiality policy that states you as the copyright holder of your edited manuscript. For data safety, we have strict security systems which ensure every information is encrypted, and we also ensure our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement.

We also do not allow any sharing of customer information with any third party without consent. Your documents are handled in strict confidence and with the highest ethical standards.

7. Best Prices

We offer the same high-quality editing as other services but at lower prices. To cut editing costs, you may prefer using your friends or colleagues to help with editing your manuscript before being published. However, this may lead to missed deadlines or poorly done work.

By working with our manuscript editing service, we’ll provide high-quality work at affordable rates. Through our pricing calculator, you get an instant quote that you can use to estimate the price per your manuscript’s word count.

8. 100% Guaranteed Quality

We know our clients have invested countless hours into their research, and we are committed to helping their manuscripts to get published in the best journals. You can rest assured that your manuscript will be error-free.

If you are not satisfied with the editing services from us, we revise it to your satisfaction, and if you are still not satisfied, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

9. 24/7 Customer Support

We value you as our client and would like to keep our interactive channels open. Our customer support team is always available 24 hours each day and ready to answer your questions and concerns you might have. Therefore, don’t let where you come from or what time it is, hinder you from communicating with us!

How We Do It

Since your manuscript requires a special touch and uniqueness, our professional editors will work on it with your success in mind, thus ensuring no errors in the final piece. Therefore, to increase your publication success, follow the following simple steps and let us help you.

Step 1. Get an Instant Price Quote

As the first step of placing your order, you get to fill out a form with your personal information, the type of document to be edited, and requirements. Ensure to include your deadline and any other instructions. You will then enter your word count to get an instant quote that shows you the cost of the services you will receive.

Step 2. Upload Your Paper and Make the Payment

Tell us about your document, including the subject area and purpose of your paper. Then, upload your document and pay for your order. You do not need to worry about cons or fraud while making your payment since our payment system is secure and safe. You can use payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, credit cards, or make payment directly from your bank account.

Step 3. Specialized Editor Matched to Your Subject Area

If you would like to choose your editor, you get to do so at this point. We also provide you with a specialized editor who we match to your manuscript’s subject. Our editors ensure to fix the errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, making your manuscript unique and publishing-ready. We also apply the formatting style guide of your choice.

Step 4. Receive Your Revised Document

After the editing service is complete, we notify you to download the manuscript, whereby you can review the changes and suggestions made by our editor. Then, if you are 100% satisfied, you can send it to the academic publisher and expect academic success.

Our manuscript editing service ordering process is simplified to ensure you don’t spend much time and energy. Your Manuscript is only a click away from professional editing. Download your manuscript and receive a 100% on-time delivery guarantee.

Other Manuscript Editing Services

As one of the best editing companies, we offer our clients more than content and language editing. We also provide journal-specific formatting help. Sometimes you need to have illustrations in your work, and a company that provides technical or scientific illustration services come in handy. We also give you world-class images that enhance the overall quality of your manuscript.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a manuscript editor cost?

Hiring a manuscript editor may seem expensive to many academic writers leading you to seek help from friends and family. Unfortunately, your friends may not have the best editing skills, and this can lead to a poorly written manuscript that your publisher will reject.

To avoid this, hire a professional manuscript editor and view this as an investment in your success. The developmental editing rates for your manuscript can cost between $. 07 and $. 12 per word, some developmental editors charge by the manuscript page, ranging from $7.50 to $20 per page.

2. How do I get my manuscript edited?

Our manuscript editing service offers you four simple steps to get your manuscript edited by a professional. These steps include,

  • Getting an instant quote where you fill out every detail and requirements and include a word count for you to know the price of our services,
  • Upload your manuscript and make the payments stated on the quote. Payment systems used by our clients are secure; thus no cause for alarm.
  • You get a professional editor to work on your manuscript.
  • When all editing is done, we notify you, and you can download a publishing-ready manuscript.

3. Should I get my manuscript professionally edited?

Absolutely! Getting your friends, colleagues and family to edit and proofread your manuscript can make your work not eligible for publishing due to uncorrected errors. Therefore, a professional editor is necessary for all academic manuscripts headed to publication.

4. Why do journal editors reject manuscripts?

There are editorial reasons for rejection  which include:

  • Out of scope for the journal.
  • Not enough of an advance or impact for the journal.
  • Research ethics ignored such as consent.
  • Approval from an ethics committee.

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Submitting a professionally edited manuscript for publication gives you guaranteed academic success. Our manuscript editing service offers you editing services at a pocket-friendly price and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us and place an order with us today!