Script Editing

As a screenwriter, you want to be working with the best script editors you can afford. Typically, the best script editing professionals are not cheap. And they are an insanely busy lot. The success of your story depends, to a large extent, on how good the script is and how competent your script editor is. Our script editors are seasoned professionals who know how to polish up your writing.

Our Script Editing Professionals Focus on Line Editing

Well, your story needs to be great from the get-go. Script editing is a little different than other kinds of editing work. Our editors help you polish up a script that is in pretty much good shape. We are technically script editors rather than a “doctoring” or “consulting” service. We would advise you to bring to us screenplays that competent screenplay consultants have given either a “CONSIDER” or “RECOMMEND.”

How We Help

You must be wondering how we help screenplay writers. By the time we finish what we do, your script should be perfect and ready for presentation to your agent or producer. We trim it down, removing every word or phrase that does not help your story move forward in some way. Here is what we do:

We Cut Out Idle ChatterScript Editing Service

The characters that participate in every scene need to say words that are relevant to the main plot. They need to shed some light on the individual’s personality or reveal any other relevant information.  Our script editing service eliminates every line that constitutes small talk. You do not want your characters saying irrelevant things to one another. Our job is to ensure everything that happens or gets said moves the story forward. We make sure your characters tell the audience only those things they (the viewers) do not know. We get rid of the rest.

Our Script Editing Professionals Remove Scenes that Do Not Help Your Story

Who wants to watch scenes that reveal or tell them nothing? We are always thinking about your audience as we work on your scripts.  We ask ourselves: what purpose is this scene serving in the screenplay? If the answer is an emphatical “nothing,” we get rid of that part. We believe a writer is not the best person to do that job. They have labored hard to create the work. And that reality might affect how they carry out the task. We are always working with writers, and we are writers, so we know.

Get Suggestions to Combine or Even Eliminate Characters

Every character has to perform a role that lends support to your story. Most of the time the cast of characters is too large. The story needs to revolve around the protagonist. Therefore, every character that shows up should be helping or opposing them in some way. If a character is not serving that purpose, they are not much use to your story. Our editors analyze your script and provide suggestions to combine or eliminate characters where necessary.

Our script editing service does more than what we have described. Place an Order Now Protection Status