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As a screenwriter, delivering a poorly edited script can break and destroy your reputation in the production industry. Therefore, you need to transform your draft into a well-crafted, powerful, and error-free script with the help of professional script editing personnel who can offer you constructive feedback and careful proofreading.

Our company offers script editing, proofreading, and formatting services where we ensure your script is error-free and professionally formatted, as well as a more in-depth editing service to make sure that every sentence is vivid, concise, and clear. With these services, all changes are made directly to your screenplay. You’ll receive a pristine script that’s ready to submit to your screenplay producers and directors.

Why Should You Hire a Script or Screenplay Editor?

A script or screenplay editor acts as a fresh eye in your script and has insight into the effect of different types of narrative. This trait contributes to your script editor forming a reasonable and valid opinion about your final draft. Professional Script editors often have a keener insight into the structure of your screenplay than who wrote it.

After you are done working on your final draft, your script editors will put their script editing skills to work by ensuring all the words flow smoothly, making your story come alive, and pulling your audience towards it. They make your work easier and understand the demand of the producer and your target audience.

If you are looking to hire a script editing company to work on your scripts, we have professional editors trained to deliver captivating screenplays for every type of audience. Submit your draft to us, and rest assured to get a winning script.

Types of Scripts You Can Use on Our Script Editing Services

Our script editing services are always on the frontlines to deliver you the best work with no hassle at all. Some of the types of scripts you can entrust us with include:

  • Feature films
  • Live-Action TV Series
  • Short-Form Film and Video Content
  • Animated TV Series
  • Video Games
  • Short Web Series and Mini-Series
  • Theater plays
  • Explainer videos
  • Short commercials

Choose the Best Script Editing Service?

We value you and work to deliver high-quality screenplays and scripts to you. You can boost your screenwriting career with the help of a professional script/screenplay editor from our company. Whether you are an overwhelmed college film student or a busy screenwriter knee-deep in the film industry, we can help you win.

As the best script editing services, we exist to help screenwriters deliver excellence and get positive responses that motivate them to greater heights.

1. Fast Delivery

You’ll never miss a deadline with our speedy delivery services. Depending on your script’s urgency, word count, and the number of pages, we offer you a turnaround timeline that suits you best. Our editing team then works on your manuscript according to the services you’ve chosen (editing, proofreading, and formatting). You can rest assured to receive a captivating and winning script in a short period.

In addition, if you need a faster turnaround, you can select your desired delivery speed when you submit your document.

2. Two-Round Editing Process

Our two-round editing process is crafted to fit your unique requirements as a screenwriter.

Round 1

Your script is meticulously proofread to ensure it is free of errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency. Your script editor also ensures the formatting perfectly matches your chosen script format, checking the scene descriptions, stage directions (for stage plays), actions, dialogues, character descriptions, and more.

Further, your editor uses the first round of editing as an opportunity to carefully read your script page by page and understand your characters, plot structure, setting, writing style, and themes.

Round 2

The editor refines your work’s clarity, coherence, cohesion, sentence structure, story flow, and diction, keeping in mind your particular style. The editor makes detailed comments to give you constructive feedback on your characterization, dialogue, plot development, setting, pacing, tone, and more.

In the final step, the editor rechecks your entire script to eliminate any lingering proofreading errors. Finally, you get your script polished and extremely beautifully edited!

3. Professional Editing and Proofreading Services

As soon as you upload your script or screenplay, your editor will expertly edit it by refining the clarity, coherence, flow, and consistency, thus bringing out your unique style. You will also receive in-depth constructive feedback addressing literary elements such as the plot structure, character development, dialogue, setting, point of view, story detailing, tone, pacing, and more.

Moreover, your script will be meticulously proofread to remove all language errors and inconsistencies. We will also ensure the formatting matches your chosen script format perfectly, including the scene descriptions, actions, dialogues, parentheticals, character names, and other elements. You get all these services for a single, all-inclusive fee!

4. Your Scripts are in Expert Hands

Our script editors are qualified in English literature and are trained to understand your unique voice, writing style, and message. We have extensive experience working on scripts in every form, including advertisement scripts, short films, and feature films; we work with diverse genres, including romance, drama, thriller, mystery, science fiction, and others.

We greatly value the effort you have put into writing your script, and our editors are passionate about transforming your draft into a powerful script that is production-ready.

5. Subject-Matter Experts

Our editors are literature experts who specialize in various script genres, including drama, romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and thriller, among others. You will receive top-notch editing services where your script will be edited and constructively critiqued with a clear understanding of its subject matter, genre, and intended audience.

6. Unbeatable and Affordable Prices

Our pricing is affordable and transparent – the cost is based on the exact length, page number, and word count of your document. Check out our pricing calculator for an instant quote, and rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality proofreading and editing services for the best value on the market.

7. 24/7 Support Team

Our support team is available around the clock to address any concerns or questions about your order. This means you’ll never be left in the dark, regardless of time or place. Our support team has friendly consultants to whom you can talk if you feel the assigned editor doesn’t meet your screenplay editing requirements.

We also have a live chat section on our page to have direct real conversations with our support staff. Moreover, you can reach us through our email or phone number available in our contact information section. So, do not wait until daylight to contact us since we are just a button click away!

8. Free Revision of Your Edited Script

In rare cases where you receive your screenplay and aren’t satisfied, we will ensure in-depth revision according to your requirements, free of charge! Your editor will also answer your questions regarding the edited script or recheck the previously edited file for no extra charge. You will receive the revision service until you are 100% satisfied.

9. Confidentiality

With our strict confidentiality policy, you will retain full copyright control and credit for your edited script. To ensure your data remains confidential and secure, we use encryption technology for transferring and encrypting information. We also ensure our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement and never share information and scripts with any third party without your consent.

How We Do It

Script Editing Service

Having learned what our script editing team brings to the table and the benefits of working with us, it is without a doubt that this is the place to skyrocket your screenwriting career. To get your screenplays approved and production-ready, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Fill the Form and Submit Your Scripts

To place an order, start by submitting the scripts you would like us to edit. Fill out all the necessary information on the form, such as the type of script, genre, and more. Here, you can add additional notes and the file type you’ve used. Add the deadline you expect for the edited manuscript for a better turnaround timeline.

Step 2: Upload Your Script

At this point, you can request an edited sample from us, which we will send via email. When ready, you will upload your script, which our editor will be assigned for the editing process. If you would like to choose your editor, you can do this at this point.

Step 3: Make Payments

After submitting all the scripts and instructions, you will need to make payment. You will add the word count or the number of pages on your script by requesting a quote. The amount appears on the instant quote, and you can make the payment. Our payment method is secure so, you don’t have to worry about online fraud.

We also offer several payment methods such as Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. By completing this step, your editor will start the editing process.

Step 4: Download Your Edited Work

The editor working on your script will remove errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, language and format inconsistencies. When all pages are perfect, we will notify you to download the edited script from your email. You can then review it to countercheck whether it matches the requirements you submitted.

If you are 100% satisfied, you can send it to your producers since it is production-ready. Our editing service order process is simplified to ensure you don’t spend much time and energy. Your script is only a click away from professional editing. Contact us today and enjoy your success!

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We understand that the strain of editing and proofreading a screenplay can be such a hassle. When this is the case, the best alternative is to hire a professional editor conversant with the screenwriting field or the film industry to render you editing services.

We are here to satisfy this need, and we have experts who are just an order away. As we do the heavy lifting on your behalf, you can enjoy some free time which you can use to focus on other responsibilities.

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