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Terms of Use

Welcome to Best Editing Services, a property of Best Editing Services LLC. Best Editing Services provides editing and proofreading services subject to various terms and conditions. A person or entity that purchases our services or chooses to access our website accepts these terms of use. We would like you to read and understand these terms of use before using our services.

Additionally, persons who buy products or services currently or in the future offered by Best Editing Services, or visit or purchase from websites affiliated with Best Editing Services, will be subject to the conditions and guidelines applicable to such businesses, products, or services. These terms of use include provisions that may limit your rights.

Electronic Communications

A person or entity that visits our site or sends emails to us is communicating with us electronically. Such a person or entity consents to receive communications from Best Editing Services electronically. We will communicate with you by posting notices on our website or by email. You agree that all notices, agreements, disclosures, and other communications to you electronically fulfill all legal requirements that such communications be in writing.

Site Access and License

Best Editing Services grants you a limited license to access this site and make personal use of it. Such license excludes downloading or modifying any portion of this site except with Best Editing Services’ written consent. The license also excludes any commercial use or resale of this site or the contents therein and any compilation and use of any service or product listings, descriptions, or prices.

The license granted does not include any derivative use of the contents of this site or the site itself and any copying or downloading of account information to benefit another merchant. The limited license granted excludes any use of robots, data mining or other data-collection and extraction tools. You may not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or otherwise commercially exploit for any commercial purpose any portion of this property without express written permission of Best Editing Services.

You may not utilize any framing techniques or perform framing to endorse any logo, trademark, or other proprietary information such as images, form, page layout, or text) of Best Editing Services and its affiliates without express written consent. You have no right to utilize any Meta tags or any other hidden text bearing Best Editing Services’ name or trademarks without our consent. Any unauthorized utilization of this site or its contents terminates the license granted by Best Editing Services.

We grant you an irrevocable, non-exclusive, and limited right to link Best Editing Services by a hyperlink provided the link does not portray Best Editing Services, its services, products or affiliates in a misleading, false, derogatory, or any other offensive manner. However, you may not use any Best Editing Services logo or any other proprietary trademark or graphics as part of the link without permission from us.


Best Editing Services LLC owns and operates this site, and U.S. and international copyright and trademark laws protect its rights. You may not modify, rewrite, copy, reproduce, republish, post, transit or perform any distribution of any material on this site, including its code and software. Any unauthorized utilization of any portion of this site beyond what the limited license described in the previous paragraph permits violates trademark, copyright, and related laws.

Any person submitting material to us for service retains copyright in such submitted material. Best Editing Services does not require any acknowledgment or credit for completed work beyond the applicable fees for such service. Best Editing Services does not claim any rights relating to such submitted material and utilizes or discloses such material to provide services only.

You represent and warrant: that you control all rights to the material or own the material you submit for service, and that the material is accurate; that using the material you provide will not harm or injure any person or entity and does not violate this policy. Further, you represent and warrant: that you will indemnify Best Editing Services and/or its affiliates for all claims raised as a result of the material you submit. Best Editing Services retains the right but not the obligation to monitor and reject or refuse any content or activity for any reason in our sole discretion. We assume no liability or take no responsibility for any material you submit or a third party.

We offer advice for amendments that you, your publisher, or other third parties may reject, accept, or change further. The content contained in any finished work is, therefore, your responsibility or that of other persons to whom you delegate, license, or otherwise assign control over your work. Our service does not imply we endorse you or your content.

Best Editing Services prohibits the association of its name, trademark, editor, affiliates, or other personnel with any published work by way of acknowledgment or any other way. The advice provided to you by Best Editing Services and its associates is for personal use only. Best Editing Services will negotiate on case-by-case basis credits, acknowledgment, and rights for original works created by Best Editing Services and its staff.

Limitations of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties

Best Editing Services and its independent contractors aim for accuracy. However, Best Editing Services does not warrant that service or product descriptions, its services, or other content of this website are accurate, reliable, current, complete, or free of errors. We reserve the right to change or update the services we provide or prices without any notice or liability. We provide this site and Best Editing Services’ services on an “as available” and “as is” basis and at your sole risk.

Best Editing Services disclaims to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, all warranties and conditions, whether implied or expressed, in respect of its services and any content, information, or materials on this website, including any conditions of fitness or implied warranties for a specific purpose, non-infringement, and merchantability. Best Editing Services, in its site, including without limitation banners, links pages, and graphics may provide pointers and links to web-based sites owned or maintained by third parties.

Best Editing Services does not control or operate in any way any products, services, information available on such third party websites. In no event is Best Editing Services, its personnel, independent contractors, affiliates, parent companies and subsidiaries, or any third parties mentioned on such sites liable for any damages or loss whatsoever (including, but not limited to,  incidental, direct, or consequential damages, damages that result from lost data, lost profits, business interruption, or breach of confidentiality) arising from performance of Best Editing Services’ services, using or inability to use Best Editing site or materials and content contained on the site, whether based on contract, warranty, strict liability, negligence, operation of law, tort or any other legal theory, whether Best Editing Services is advised of the likelihood of such losses or damages. In no event is Best Editing Services liable for damages or losses exceeding the amount paid by a party for the service in question.

Best Editing Services has created this website and set its prices in reliance on disclaimers of warranty and limitations of liability and damages set forth herein, and the same establish an essential and fundamental basis of the bargain between the parties. They shall apply even when the contract between a customer and Best Editing Services fails in its essential or fundamental purpose or when there exists a fundamental breach of contract. You acknowledge and agree that Best Editing Services is not liable for any defamatory, illegal, or offensive conduct of any customer or user.

If you are unsatisfied with any Best Editing Services material, or with any of Best Editing Services’ terms and conditions, your sole and exclusive remedy is to choose to discontinue using the services Best Editing Services provides. We endeavor to make sure that any files that originate from this website are free of known computer viruses.

However, we do not offer any guarantee or warrant that files are free of viruses, and we are unable to provide any assurances with respect to attachments or emails that may have originated with third parties. We, therefore, advise all recipients to check all attachments, emails, and other computer files before they access or use them. The recipient shall assume any and all risk of virus contamination.

Best Editing Services and Its Customers

Best Editing Services commits to providing excellent editorial services at reasonable and affordable prices. Our customer satisfaction rate rivals that of the best in the industry. That said, Best Editing Services is under no obligation to refund the purchase of any product or service under any circumstance unless expressly agreed to by Best Editing Services. Where applicable, we will process any refund within five business days commencing from the date we receive the request. Terms and conditions, availability, and price remain subject to change anytime and without notice.

Unless otherwise indicated, all rates quoted are in U.S. dollars (USD). Best Editing Services and its affiliates retain the right to refuse service, cancel orders, request payment before it renders service, or limit quantities at its sole discretion. A customer may cancel an order or orders at any time. However, such a customer will incur cancellation costs in proportion to the extent Best Editing Services has completed its contract with the customer.

The information you provide us and the word count relating to the documents submitted may be the basis upon which we set purchase prices and prepare invoices. A customer represents and warrants that such information is accurate. You further agree to pay to Best Editing Services any extra charges that arise from your information’s inaccuracy within seven days of our notifying you.

Best Editing Services is under no obligation to verify the correctness or accuracy of such information. However, Best Editing Services will refund overpayments that arise from such inaccuracy within five business days of discovering the error.

Best Editing Services, at its sole discretion, may offer monthly invoicing plans or arrangements to regular personal or business customers and agree to modified or additional terms for such plans or arrangements. Unless otherwise in writing agreed to, payment falls due when we raise an invoice. For payments and NSF checks that are more than 30 days past due, administrative charges of up to 70 dollars may be applicable. On top of that, such late payment is subject to interest at 1.5 % every month or 19.56% annual percentage rate.

Best Editing Services cannot be responsible for delays in supplying service if you do not avail accurate contact information or if you fail to respond promptly when we have requested further information.

A person who creates an account on the Best Editing Services website requires a login ID and password to access service. It is the responsibility of such a customer to keep login ID and password confidential and to use such passwords as are not easily discoverable or guessed. You are entirely responsible for every activity that occurs under such login ID. You will advise Best Editing Services immediately you become aware of any password compromise or suspect any unauthorized access and use of your account using your identity.

Privacy Policy

Please review our privacy policy which we incorporate herein by reference.

Other Terms of Use

This agreement and website shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York and the federal laws of the United States of America. With respect to any matters that may arise out of this agreement, all parties irrevocably attorn to the jurisdiction of the courts of New York, and any legal action against Best Editing Services shall happen in the courts of New York.

If a court of competent jurisdiction holds unenforceable any provision of this agreement, all the other provisions will remain enforceable and will have full force and effect. Where legally permitted, an enforceable provision will replace the provision deemed unenforceable so long as it gives contractual effect to the intent of the parties.

Best Editing Services revised these terms on May 10, 2018. Best Editing Services may change or otherwise modify these terms by way of posting notice to such changes on this website.