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Writing a thesis to completion might be your biggest achievement yet. The research, compiling information, and the constant studying must have drained your energy, yet you still need to proofread and edit the final document.

If you want to present a coherent and well-structured document, you should consider hiring our thesis editing services.

We guarantee you a well-proofread document with a fast turnaround and a professional touch to it.

Who We Are

We are a dissertation thesis proofreading and editing service bent on helping you present the most accurate dissertation. Our professional editors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you in every step of editing your dissertation.

We guarantee your top-quality proofreading services as we review your manuscript for grammar, structure, word choice, style, and format errors. We take time to go through your document page by page and help you communicate your ideas perfectly.

Why You Need Thesis Editing Services

You have reached the peak of your academic journey, and you only need to present a perfect dissertation to your supervisor. Undoubtedly, you must have researched your content well and put down your ideas in the best way possible. But is your document as perfect as it should be?

Here are a few reasons why you need a fresh pair of editing eyes to review your document.

1. No Mistakes Tolerated

Your thesis should show your expertise in your subject area, and no, you are not allowed to make mistakes. However, even when your content is top-notch, you still need to make it better by eliminating all the minor grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes.

However, even the best academicians sometimes miss the small fine details in their academic manuscripts. A professional dissertation editor has the keenness and patience you need to deal with all those minor yet impactful mistakes.

2. Improve the Quality of Your Paper

Your university expects you to submit the best quality document possible. However, you could be fatigued from all the research and academic writing. When you read through your document, you could miss some of the mistakes that would cost you valuable points.

As much as you would like to handle the editing process on your own, we highly recommend you seek editing services from professionals. These, are trained to detect awkward sentences and help you with content adjustment to improve your paper.

3. You Need a Break

As a student, you need to break from the busy university schedule of studying, writing academic documents, and working with words to communicate your ideas.

Now that you have just completed a gruelling content creation session for your dissertation, you should get an editor to proofread and edit your work.

4. Need to Hit Deadlines

Every university expects students to submit their assignments in good time, yet you may lack the capacity to hit your dissertation’s deadline. If you are in this situation, it would be best to hire a qualified editor to help you.

You do not want to miss earning your PhD because you could not meet a deadline.

5. Lets You Focus on Your Content

It is hard to focus on your content when you worry too much about spelling, grammar, formatting, and typographical mistakes. Just put your thoughts, ideas, and views on paper now and think about such matters later.

Our team of highly experienced thesis editors is ready to handle all those aspects so that you do not need to. Formatting citations and references can consume a lot of your time, too. Working with professionals helps you improve your writing while saving you much time.

6. Get The Clarity You Need in Your Document

Our experienced editors read your paper line by line to help you sharpen your writing. They help you to improve the language of your paper, sentence structure, and word choice.

Their detailed review ensures you avoid careless mistakes and enables you to fulfil all language requirements. The final document has zero errors, contains accurate information, and is enjoyable to read.

You get flawless work that flows well.

7. Editors Help You Meet Academic Writing Standards

Most thesis writers have problems in various language-related areas. For example, they struggle with verb tenses, passive voice, abbreviations, informal or casual language, numbers, and titles. Our experts understand what formal writing entails and help you to polish up your work to the highest academic standards.

8. Become a Better Writer

Our editors want to do more than just correct language mistakes. They make helpful suggestions at every step of the process. The tips and guidance received dramatically improves your thesis and make you a much better writer.

We always choose experts who are the most suited to your subject area. You are free to ask our people any questions related to academics at any point. Helping our clients to succeed in their studies or career is our delight.

What You Get With Our Proofreading and Editing Services

Thousands of unsuccessful theses litter the landscape of academia. Most of the time, this failure is attributable to the poor use of the English language, poor editing, and poor guidance on creating sensible and flowing content.

We take pride in not only helping you pass your PhD but also boosting your writing skills. When editing your document, we give you pointers to what you can do to write better and even offer you post-editing services.

Here is what you get from our proofreading and editing service.

1. Correct Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation in Your Paper

Nothing annoys a reader than constant mistakes in your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Though they may seem like minor issues, they are the most noticeable and could easily cost you a pass in your dissertation.

Our editors are well trained in grammar, proper usage of the English language, and proper punctuation. We pay attention to your document on every page and sentence to make sure we get rid of these annoying mistakes.

Your supervisor will enjoy reading your document when we are done with it.

2. We Attend To The Fine Details

As much as grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes are annoying, awkward sentences and wrongly placed words make your paper lose meaning. Unfortunately, you could end up with many of these if you edit your work in haste or use grammar checkers without proofreading it.

Our editors go through your paper manually, even after using grammar checking tools. This helps us correct awkward sentences and correct the use of words to make your work more coherent.

3. Use Correct Academic Styles

Every editor in our team has a strong academic background and will know what to do once you send us your manuscript and the relevant instructions.

We understand the different academic styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard and add value and perfection to your paper.

4. Professionals Matched With Relevant Subject Matter Expertise

We have editors with expertise in the many different subject areas covered in academics. We only assign your thesis to the most qualified editor in this team.

If you are working for a Health Science PhD, your paper will only be edited by a Health Science expert. The language used in your manuscript will match the context and subject area covered. We look beyond making money and focus more on offering you quality services.

5. Get A Quote Within 24 Hours

Our website is automated to give you a quote within 24 hours. We value your time and understand that every minute counts for a student. We will not be taking you in rounds for you to get a price for your job.

6. 24 Hour Availability

We work 24 hours a day to ensure that your work is attended to and meets your deadlines. Unlike other proofreading and editing services that do not work weekends or public holidays, our editors are willing to go the extra mile to help you.

We have editors working on weekends and holidays to ensure that we are available whenever you need us.

7. Top-level English Editors

All our editors are qualified native English speakers and will ensure that your document has an excellent command of the language. In addition, we are conversant with British, American, Australian, and Canadian English and will edit your dissertation to your preference.

You never have to worry about the poor use of language in your document with us. If we notice such mistakes in the manuscript you send us, we will adjust it for free.

8. Submission Ready Papers

When you trust us to edit your document, we commit our skills and efforts to submit a review-ready paper. We understand you expect perfection from us, and perfection is what we give.

Your assignment will be free of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and awkward mistakes. It will be a reflection of your readiness for a PhD award.

9. Q&A With The Editor

From the moment you hand over your dissertation, you have free access to the editor in charge of your job. You can ask as many questions as you need to, and they will be replied to promptly.

This will help you to stay in charge of the editing process and make adjustments whenever necessary.

10. Free Writing Tips

We are focused on helping you with your dissertation and helping you become a better academic writer overall. You may need to write journals and other documents even after you graduate, and we invest in your future writing capabilities.

As the editor goes through your paper, they will constantly communicate with you to tell you what changes have been made. We also drop hints on how to make your writing better for free through the process.

11. Track Changes

When correct your word document, we use the track changes feature and leave comments on every correction we make. You can follow the comments to understand why the changes were made and how they add value.

You can also add comments to communicate your ideas and suggestions to the editor.

12. Two Editors Per Task

Two sets of eyes are always better than one, especially when proofreading such an important manuscript. Therefore, we always allocate two editors to our client’s work to ensure that all issues are rectified.

Once the first editor gives the green light for the job, the second one takes over and does the final proofreading and editing. The result is an edited word document that makes sense and shows a smooth flow of ideas.

13. Quality Guarantee

Our proofreading services are the best in the market as we focus on adding value to your job and help you earn your PhD. Your dissertation will be handled with utmost keenness as the editors work to add value to it.

We have received testimonials from our past clients to acknowledge how well our services worked for them. We strive to continue winning our client’s trust and getting more positive reviews.

14. We Respect Deadlines

Once you upload your job with us, you get to set your turnaround time and leave the rest to us. We understand what deadlines mean to university students and work to make sure you hit your deadlines.

We set a timer on your work to help the editor keep time. The stopwatch feature helps us to know how much time we have remaining to complete an order. We also work on your feedback in good time to ensure that your suggestions are incorporated into your work.

15. Great Support Team

Our website is managed by a support department who help to keep the communication channels open. As we proofread your job, you can review some of the already edited parts and give your reviews. The review and feedback are communicated to the editor by the customer care department.

16. Confidentiality

Our clients’ privacy is our best-guarded secret. Our website is secured with end-to-end encryption and firewalls to keep the hackers out. In addition, our systems are automated to remove your papers immediately after our transaction is over.

All editors in this team sign confidentiality agreements to bind them to the confidentiality policy we hold so highly in our service.

17. Structure Checks

Your sentence structure determines how well your thoughts are conveyed in your academic papers. We understand the quality that the university requires from you and read your documents page per page, sentence by sentence to make sure they all make sense.

We appreciate your feedback on the clarity of your work, and if you need us to work more on the sentence structure, our editors are always available to help.

18. Citation Editing and Layout Checks

Every academic style has a different citation format, and errors in this can reduce your chances of getting maximum points.

We will review your manuscript to see if the citation has any errors. Then, we will edit them for you while looking to improve its authenticity and clarity.

We will also work on the structure of your essays and make every idea connect with the other. We make sure that we are as helpful as humanely possible in achieving your academic goals.

19. Competent Pricing

Our proofreading services pricing structure is one of the best in the industry. We have a pricing chart on our website for all essays depending on the number of words.

You can consult the structure before contracting us for timely and affordable delivery of properly proofread and edited documents.

We only accept online payment for our dissertation editing services making our process as secure as can be.

20. In-Person Thesis Proofreading Services

Some of the proofreading service providers in the market take advantage of your trust and use grammar checkers and other editing tools to work on your essay. However, we are different.

Besides solely relying on computerized tools to edit your work, we put in human effort to ensure that it does not sound robotic. After passing the work through the checkers and other tools, we read through it to give it a human touch.

21. Smart Quality Control Algorithm

Alongside our professional proofreading experts, we use a smart algorithm to second check the quality of the edited copy of your dissertation. The system can check every academic style, formatting, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

If the document passes this checker, we contact you immediately. If not, we ask our editors to go through it again and make the necessary adjustments.

How Our Dissertation Editing Service Works

Your dissertation thesis needs to be handled by our professional editors to give you the upper hand you need to earn your doctorate. You must be wondering how to get your job handled. Here’s how.

The three main steps are :

  • Upload your work
  • Let us handle your job
  • Final touches

1. Uploading Your Work

When you hit the “upload now” button on our website, you will be prompted to upload your dissertation thesis and select the pages you want to be edited. If you want the whole manuscript edited, just indicate that.

a. Select a Service

After uploading your work, you need to select the service you want and allocate a turnaround time. You can choose any deadline between 24 hours and 7 days.

b. Enter Details

You will be prompted to select your field of study, attach details of what you want to be done and your supervisor’s comments or instructions. This helps us match your work with the most qualified editors in the subject matter and expertise required.

c. Payment

After this, you will be requested to make a payment for the job so the editors can start working.

Now you can relax and let us handle your task with expertise and professionalism.

2. Our Job

Once you trust us to handle your assignment, we search through our database for the most suitable editors. We use the details you submitted about your field of study, instructions, and comments from the supervisor.

The handpicked editors then embark on editing your work with precision. They apply the track changes feature in Word to keep you in the loop about the changes we make.

a. Second Checking

Once both editors are done with their job, we use a smart quality control algorithm to check the quality of the work done. If the checker shows that the work done is substandard, we will go through the work again and make all the relevant changes.

b. Communication

After editing your work, we will email you or send a text message to notify you. This will be on or before your deadline to give you time to review the final edited copy of your work.

3. Final Touches

As you review the final version of your work, you can either accept or decline the changes made with the track changes feature. If you decline the changes, you can submit the work for free revision and let us meet your expectations.

a. Question and Answer Session

We have an active question and answer session with you and give you a chance to ask questions about the edit. We have a live chat option on the website where you can drop your questions or concerns. You can also talk to us through phone calls, emails, or text messages until you are satisfied with our work.

Let us know what was helpful, or if our prices matched our delivery. We encourage our clients to engage us at this level and give us feedback on their overall experience.

b. Leave a Review

We also encourage you to leave a review, whether positive or negative. Tell us what you liked or did not like our services. Your review will help us make our services better, and if you did not have a good experience, we could find a solution to make it better.

c. Delete Your Work

Our systems are set to delete your work automatically after one year. This is one of the safety measures we have put in place to ensure your work is not accessed by unauthorized third parties. However, you can delete your work manually whenever you want.

We understand that different universities have different policies, and we would not want to expose you to academic writing penalties. We mostly work with university students, and we would never put your theses in jeopardy.

Let Us Handle Your Thesis Editing Needs!

Proofreading is a vital part of academic writing to check on the academic style, flow of the words, structure, and other common errors in academic writing. However, it is not an easy task, and most university students need help proofreading and editing their work.

As a doctorate student, you need to ensure that your thesis is well-edited to help you earn your PhD. our professional proofreading service offers you excellent service to check the word count and choice, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and structural mistakes in your thesis.

We go the extra mile to give you the best service by combining smart technology and human resource to transform your thesis to its most perfect form. What’s more, we offer you our services at unbeatable prices and give you a 24-hour commitment to help you excel. Our service delivery is unmatched, and we are on record for producing the best academic papers.

Allow our thesis editing professionals to help you write like the refined academic you are becoming.